November 30, 2023

Being a sojourner of nature and an ardent practitioner of the ancient yogic wisdom, I exist in consonance with the cyclic rhythms of seasons here at our year-round snug retreat, nestled between the tranquil embrace of wide skies and whispering winds. Deep within this sanctuary of soothing silence, we harbour an abode for feminine grace, our Yoga Shakti Sthala – a utopian locale designed for sisters to unmask their innately stunning gentleness beneath layers of worldly roles. Today, dear sisters, we delve into catering to a crucial part of your fortress of resilience – the diaphragm, soul of your breathing and withering site of unseen agonies. Guided by the celestial lantern of enlightenment, we shall saunter down the path of soothing a distressed diaphragm, complemented by the symphony of yoga and nature’s abundant remedies.

Imagine, my light-filled sisters, the diaphragm – a sky-dome of muscle, cascading beneath the lungs, dividing the serenity of your chest cavity from the turbulence of your digestive organs. Imagine it pulsating rhythmically with each inhalation and exhalation, coordinating the dance of prana, or life-force, within your being. However, this humble maestro is not immune to strain and tension, manifested in numerous forms of dis-ease such as shortness of breath, nausea, irregular heartbeat, and an unsteady mind. Exhausted by ceaseless toil, your diaphragm cries out for a sweet and serene lullaby of healing.

An ode to your breath’s orchestra maestro, let us first journey towards the world of asanas, potent poses that whittle stress away from weary muscles. Draped in the power of the universe, we invoke the calm of Savasana (Corpse Pose). Surrender your being to the supine stillness, let your limbs drape the Earth, open palms saluting the sky. Breathe deeply, and, like waves caressing a parched shore, your diaphragm expands, drinking in prana, releasing strain and tension. Draw upon the unity of the universe, dear ones, let the celestial vibrations cradle your aching diaphragm back to its sweet symphony.

Now, let us weave into this colourful tapestry of self-healing, the essence of Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose). Draw alongside the wisdom of serpents, embodying the rise and fall of life. Lay supine on the cradle of Mother Earth, palms planting roots beside your shoulders. With a gentle inhale, raise your chest upwards, extending your spine, singing a song of love to your weary diaphragm. Lingering for a few breaths, with every exhale, let tension dissipate like fog under the rising sun.

To further soothe this potent powerhouse within us, let us journey through the realms of natural remedies, as infinite as the constellations that grace our celestial canvas. Revitalising one’s diaphragm, I discovered, is not merely confined to transformation through asanas, but extends to emulative echoes of Mother Nature herself. Her loving bosom effortlessly offering remedies to our ailments, a cocktail of herbal infusions can be our trusted companions in dispelling discomfort.

Peppermint, a refreshing leaf bearing the scent of lush rain-soaked forests, serves as a celestial ally in times of diaphragmatic distress. Sipping a concoction of peppermint tea, feel your diaphragm relax, the normally unseen tension melting away, making space for renewed energy flow. Fennel’s gentle warmth, coupling with ginger’s fiery embrace, adorn your internal universe with vibrant pulses of healing energy. These, melded with the mild fragrance of chamomile blossoms, whisper to your diaphragm, healing its hurts and pains, nurturing it back to vitality.

Finally, immerse yourself in the restorative capacity of meditation, the heart’s silent song to the universe, intertwined with the gentle resonance of rhythmic, diaphragmatic breaths. Let your consciousness ride the waves of your breath, allowing each inhalation to host sparks of divine healing energy, each exhalation, to cradle away straining anxieties. Here, nestled in the heart-space, let your diaphragm rest, painting vast skies of tranquillity within the sacred vault of your body.

In this essence of Sat-Chit-Ananda (“Existence-Consciousness-Bliss”), dear sisters, we have journeyed through the healing abode of Yoga and natural remedies—styles embodying the cosmic rhythm of celestial bodies. Let us walk this path of self-care with mindfulness, for we are, but mirrors of divine consciousness—moonbeams of tranquillity in earthly forms. Cherishing these remedies, let us honour our breath’s maestro, our diaphragm, forever sculpting our meditative symphony of breath.

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