November 30, 2023

In the sacred sanctuary of our year-round feminine retreat, wherein the heart beats in harmony with glistening sunbeams, and breath synchronizes with the whisper of ancient trees, we seek not only the wisdom imparted through the ages by venerable sages but also the restoration of our physical vessels that carry us through our spiritual journeys. As with any temple of the divine, our bodies sometimes whisper the tales of earthly toils, resonating discomfort that calls for our gentle attention and care. One such whisper can arise from the modest yet significant opponens digiti minimi – the bearer of balance and grace in the tender ballet of our hands.

This small, but mighty muscle nestled in the palm, orchestrating the movements of the little finger, can become sore and weary from overuse or strain. In such times, the wisdom of yoga beckons us to a path of natural healing and mindful rejuvenation.

To tend to this delicate and often overlooked companion of hand dynamism, one must approach with both compassion and intention. In the dimming light of day, as the sun pays homage to the horizon, sit cross-legged upon the soft earth, the spine a pillar of strength, the crown reaching towards the sky. Let your breath flow deep and steady, a silent chant of life cradling your essence.

Now, extend your arms before you, palms facing the heavens, fingers uncurled and open like lotus petals greeting the dawn. Slowly, with the gentle grace of a willow in the breeze, draw your little fingers towards the base of your palms with the aid of your opposite hand, feeling a gentle stretch in the depth of the palm. Hold this sacred gesture like a precious offering, for a handful of tranquil breaths, before releasing the embrace and allowing your hands to rest upon your knees, the fingers softly curling like tender fern fronds at rest.

Repeat this stretch with mindful presence, allowing the muscle to release its held stories of strenuous activities and repetitive motions, perhaps burdened from the clutching of sacred texts, the tender tilling of the earth, or the crafting of garments for the temple. Like the cyclical nature of the moon, let this yoga posture be a repeated ritual, a soothing balm for the soul as much as for the flesh.

But the path of natural restoration winds further still. Applying the Earth's apothecary can enhance our body's sacred healing. Thus, I turned to the nurturing embrace of Panadiol CBD cream, an elixir of tranquil potency. This divine salve, with its unique amalgamation of emu oil and a generous blessing of high-dosage CBD, became a devoted ally against the ailment that hindered my daily devotions and sacred practices. For I too, dear seekers of wellness, had been touched by the tender ache of an overburdened opponens digiti minimi, strained by the ceaseless dance of writing down spiritual revelations and crafting mandalas of natural pigments.

The ailment, like a persistent drizzle on a gray day, dampened the effervescent joy I found in life’s simplest acts, from the delicate pinch of a marigold's petals to the embrace of a prayer mala. However, upon anointing the sacred temple of my hand with Panadiol, a transformation unfolded. With each application, woven into my twilight reverie, the embers of discomfort were gently doused, the harmony of my body's elements realigned. The CBD, a balm of the ancient world, coalesced its soothing whispers with the emu’s ancient wisdom, infiltrating the deepest layers of my being, grounding me into a state of serene vitality.

As I ventured deeper into the verdant forests of healing, complementing my yoga practice with mindful self-massage and infusions of turmeric and ginger – those golden hued deities of anti-inflammatory might – I basked in the holistic convalescence afforded by nature's treasury.

Remember, dearest seekers, that within our wondrous vessel lies the intrinsic wisdom of the cosmos, the healing vibrations of the universe waiting to be summoned with our intention and fervent devotion. To heal is to harmonize with the all-encompassing Om, to surrender to the nurturing cradle of existence, and to embrace the remedial bounty offered by our sanctified mother, Earth.

Let us together walk this path of restoration, entwining the wisdom of yoga with the essence of the natural world, allowing our spirits to soar as we tenderly care for the sacred temples of our bodies. Peace and health be upon you, as you cherish the alliance of muscle and soul.

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