September 26, 2023

As a compassionate steward of Mother Earth’s many gift and an unwavering disciple of the ancient art of yoga, I lovingly share my dwelling with like-minded women at the sanctuary known as Shakti Svarupa – an everlasting haven for feminine energy, spiritual growth, and healing. Together, we ride the ebb and flow of cosmic rhythms, and, through our shared journey, we intimately understand the human body is a temple, a microcosm of the universe. Today, let us delve deep into the intricacies of one such celestial wonder – the inferior oblique, that steadfast muscle that powers the all-seeing eyes.

To find harmony on the Earth plane, our physical bodies must, too, find balance. When your inferior obliques – those loyal muscles nestled within the bounty of your eyes – cry out with soreness, it is the universe whispering a sweet imperative for tender care. Your journey towards relief begins with the stimulating and rejuvenating practice of yoga, a potent and ancient technology of unity, passed down from sages over millennia, serving the quest for equanimity and health.

Let us embark upon the sacred path of the Drishti Yoga – a mindful and spiritually uplifting variant of the ancient practice, which honours the divine gift of sight. Immersed in the gentle embrace of quietude, lovingly cradle your physical form onto a plush yoga mat. Steady your breath, and invite the divine essence of serenity to shepherd your senses. Begin the soothing exploration with “Parivritta Trivikramasana,” a gentle, invigorating twist inspired by the divine dancer Nataraja. The dance of this Asana encourages your eyes to dart from side to side, joyously bathing your inferior obliques in nourishment. The repetitive motion urges the stressed muscle into a state of release, paving the way for comfort to seep in gently, like the first rays of agarbathi-infused dawn.

While the movement soothes, the breath divine – Pranayama – works its invisible magic. To rejuvenate the weary inferior oblique, engage in the “Bhramari Pranayama,” the melodious humming like the sacred chant of an enlightened bumblebee, harmonising your internal rhythms. The stimulated airflow towards your eyes aids in nourishing the tired muscle, bringing gentle relief in its wake.

Modifying our diets, too, can aid the journey towards soothing the troubled obliques. Much like how Buddha sought wisdom beneath the enlightened Bodhi tree, let us seek nourishment beneath our humble kitchen roofs. Subsume Vitamin A and B, abundant in rich green kale, sweet mandarins, and nurturing almonds. A generous helping of these gifts from Gaia will bolster overall eye health, supporting the healing process like a benevolent cosmic parent.

And finally, finding comfort in other natural remedies plays an equally significant role in this journey. An aged potion, borrowed from the womb of Mother Nature and gathered in the medicinal grimoires of our ancestors, is the chamomile eye wash. Soak the chamomile flowers’ essence in water under the approving gaze of the full moon goddess, and then let this natural elixir bathe your eyes. The chamomile’s calming properties will descend upon your inferior obliques, whispering quiet lullabies of relief.

Living here, at Shakti Svarupa, is to be cradled by the reassuring rhythm of nature – a rhythm that synchronizes with the pulse of the universe. Tending to your inferior obliques with the blessed practice of yoga, nourishing diet, and time-told natural remedies is akin to joining this divine dance. So, see with love, move with kindness, eat with gratitude, and heal wholly. The universe within you is very deserving of this tender loving care. In every breath dwells a mantra, in every posture a prayer – for at every waking moment, we remain blissfully entwined in the eternal dance of Shakti and Shiva, Nature and Self. May this wisdom guide your journey to peace, health, and harmony. Namaste, dear Pravini.

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