November 30, 2023

Grace, balance and nurturance weave the tapestry of life at our beautiful year-round sanctuary of feminine energy. At our retreat, flowers bloom regardless of the season and a luminous peach sun escorts the cool sabled nights, rendering time almost redundant. In this nirvana, cloaked in silken wishes and luscious yoni power, we often discuss the semitendinosus, an integral thread in the intricate tapestry of our physical form. This tender hamstring muscle at the back of our thighs (a mirror of our mothers, our foremothers stretching back through deep time) often cries out for relief.

Eastern wisdom instructs us to regard these gentle whispers of pain not as an annoyance, but as an invitation to ground our spirits and fuel our journey toward enlightenment. The semitendinosus muscle, spanning our physical and spiritual self, roots our energy into the earth, allowing our kundalini, our coiled serpent, to ascend through our chakras, spiraling skyward.

The divine practice of yoga invites us to stretch this potent yet delicate muscle. One asana particularly conducive to soothing the semitendinosus is the Paschimottanasana, or as it is poetically known, the Seated Forward Bend. This position, naturally rhythmical like the ebb and flow of the tides beneath Luna's endearing gaze, entails the warming embrace of our knees to our chest.

Begin by grounding the base of your being, your sit bones, into the cool mat beneath you, visualizing the solid, eternal macrocosm of Mother Earth upholding you. Extend your sun-kissed legs before you (all the paths you have walked, all the paths yet to explore), inhale deeply, reaching skyward with your arms stretched over your head, the cosmic crown of your existence. With your exhale, the breath of life, surrender forward gently, invoking the energy of humility and surrender, reaching towards your painted toes.

The beauty of this pose, especially for women, is in its metaphorical resonance. Just as we surrender our bodies forward, we release control and allow the universe – beautifully chaotic and harmoniously choreographed – to nurture our journeys, including the health of our semitendinosus.

Apart from the Seated Forward Bend, other apothecaries of nature blend perfectly in the sacred quest for semitendinosus relief. Traditional Ayurvedic wisdom gifts us with the golden spice of turmeric, the sun of the earth. As you sip a warming concoction of organic turmeric blended with moon-beamed water and a swish of honey harvested from the bosoms of blossoms, allow the potent curcumin to ease inflammation, both visible and invisible.

Another divine remedy is the application of the healing hands, the artful dance of fingers on the canvas called skin – known universally as massage. Let your fingers – each an independent disciple of service – tenderly explore the terrain of the sore semitendinosus. Express gratitude with each stroke, each knead, whispering silent prayers into the cavern of the stretched muscle – the sanctuary of our womanhood, the sacred space of creation itself.

Remember, sister, pain is a gentle call for attention, a knock at the studded doors of self-awareness. The key is in our hands, the script in our souls. Embrace the whisperings of the semitendinosus. Nurture it through yoga, feed it love dished out in turmeric-laden spoons, knead it with seasoned hands of empathy. Above all, engage in a serenading dance with it, guided by the celestial orchestra of the universe. Release the tension, allow the harmony of health to strum the chords of your existence, and realize the symphony within your being.

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