February 25, 2024

About Chelsea

Chelsea is an inspirational leader and teacher who works tirelessly to support and nurture women’s spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing. She is the creative force behind a popular women’s yoga retreat that has been thriving for over 10 years.

An incredible teacher and healer, Chelsea has dedicated her life to learning and teaching the most powerful practices for women’s liberation, pleasure, healing and empowerment. Her meticulously crafted workshops cover a wonderfully diverse range of esoteric topics, from breathwork to conscious communication. People travel from all over the world to experience her unique teaching style. She creates a safe, dynamic and intimate learning environment for her students to explore and open themselves up to.

Chelsea’s beautiful work is rooted in deeply held principles of spirituality and her genuine commitment to her students’ growth, making her one of the most beloved and highly sought-after teachers of our time.