September 26, 2023

From the verdant embrace of Mother Earth within the sacred spaces of our yoga retreat, I extend tidings of serenity and salubrious wellness to you, dear sisters of spirit and light. Many of our sisters find their celestial journey interrupted by the uncomfortable twinge of a sore diaphragm – a subtle reminder of our corporeal existence. It is with gentle understanding and profound compassion that I offer a healing solution, weaved from the ancient wisdom of yoga and the gentle whispers of natural remedies, to soothe your diaphragm and restore the harmonious dance of your breath – your universal connection to the cosmos.

Yoga, that divine science of life, is a potent elixir for any bodily discomfort. There exists a series of asanas, or pose sequences, specifically designed to tenderly stretch and ease the tension residing within your diaphragm. Begin your morning in the comforting embrace of the rising sun, welcoming the first golden rays onto your skin, and immerse yourself in Supta Virasana, or the reclining hero pose. As you surrender your form to the earth beneath you, breathe deeply into the spaces between your bones, and feel the gentle expansion of your diaphragm — a delicate unfurling akin to a lotus awakening in the morning light.

Never underestimate the exquisite capabilities of your body, dear sister. As you continue your yogic exploration, transition into Bhujangasana, or the cobra pose. As your chest courageously rises toward the azure heavens, your diaphragm stretches, relieving any hidden strain and leaving you nestled in an aura of relief. Be mindful, though – approach this pose with gentle courage, like a deer parting tall grass in the silent forest, do not rush or force your breathing but allow it to flow naturally, honoring the tidal rhythm of inhalation and exhalation.

An exquisite complement to these healing poses is the practice of Pranayama, the cultivation of life force through breath control. The Diaphragmatic Breathing, or Deep Breathing exercise – originating from the ancient sages of the East – is a potent remedy. Seated on a cushion of earth or ensconced within the deeper embrace of a meditative pose, draw in life-affirming breaths that generously fill your diaphragm, allowing it to swell like a moon in full glory. With each exhale, envision the strain slowly ebbing away from your body, carried on the breath back to the universe.

As your day unfurls like the petals of a sunflower, remember that beyond yoga, Nature too offers her bountiful remedies. Herbs, those whispered secrets of the Earth, serve as a soothing balm for your aching diaphragm. Warm chamomile herbal tea, known in the East as ‘Bhūmi-svargika’ or ‘Heaven on Earth’, due to its transcendent qualities, can help to de-stress the diaphragm, while peppermint, with its spirited coolness, has been used as an antispasmodic, easing muscle strain. Drink these steeped in hot water, with a kiss of honey if needed, and create a serene ritual that endorses tranquility and tenderness within your body.

A rough-hewn mortar and pestle, often found in the kitchens of our retreat, is an ambassador of the old ways- ancient traditions whispering ageless wisdom. Freshly crushed ginger root, a fiery zing symbolic of enlightened Buddha nature, when combined with the embracing warmth of turmeric, creates an elixir that conduces muscle relaxation. Sip this potion as you would a wise tale, slowly and with deep reverence, at the unveiling and setting of the sun.

As you journey through your day, soothed by yoga’s embrace and nature’s touch, do not abandon the soft whisper of your body. Nurture it, for it is your faithful vessel in this ephemeral earthly sojourn. Grant it rest, warm baths, and the caress of fragrant essential oils. Lavender or rosemary, steeped in a base carrier, tend to strained muscles and soothe your diaphragm.

The sore diaphragm, dear sister, is merely a chord in the sublime symphony of our existence. Attuning to its melody, we discover a harmonious dance between earthly being and cosmic embodiment. Stretch in the glow of yoga and sip from nature’s wellspring of remedies — and find yourself, your ever-true self, in perfect balance, aligned with the soothing hum of the universe. Breathe, sister, in celestial rhythm and illuminate your path to wellness and unity.

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