November 30, 2023

Greetings, beloved sisters of the soul. As we journey inward and intertwine our physical selves with our spiritual essence, we might occasionally tumble upon discomfort within the often-unsung orchestra of our bodily anatomy. Amid our constellation of muscles, one such player is the alaeque nasi, an overworked yet frequently neglected servant of the breath, nestled intimately between the nose and the upper lip. When engaged in the cyclical dance of the breath – inhalation, exhalation, pause – this often-ignored maestro can begin to cry out for tender nurture.

My dear sisters, understand this: ironic as it may seem, even the act of breathing, as natural as the day lily opening to greet the dawn, can birth discomfort. In our ceaseless journey of spiritual growth and physical vitality, let us turn our attention to this tiny yet vital muscle, and permit ourselves to lull it back into harmonious symphony with the greater body and spirit.

In soothing the alaeque nasi, we may enlist the tranquil, healing power of Pranayama – breath control. As our trusted sister from ancient yogic traditions, Pranayama helps us step into the temple of our bodies with reverence, nourishing and vitalizing even the most remote corners of our anatomy – our faithful alaeque nasi being no exception.

Begin by finding a meditative seat – perhaps cross-legged in Sukhasana or kneeling in Vajrasana – and inviting the energy of the earth up through your seat, uncrossing your hands on your knees, keeping your spine as straight as the path to enlightenment. Close your eyes and, in your mind’s eye, visualize your alaeque nasi as a single lily petal, opening and closing with rhythmic sophistication to the dance of your breath.

With each inhalation, imagine space and light entering your nostrils, swirling and activating your alaeque nasi, instilling within it a vibrant, calming energy. As you exhale, feel any tension melt away, as if a small, gentle river flowing from the alaeque nasi, carrying with it the discomfort and disquiet. Repeat this cycle, for as many breaths as it takes, until the alaeque nasi vibrates with a new sense of serenity.

To encourage and extend this wellness, I propose the employment of natural treatments. Plant allies such as the humble marjoram can impart their soothing qualities. Steep marjoram leaves in warm water to create a healing poultice, then gently hold it to your nostrils, allowing its steam to tenderly kiss the folds of your alaeque nasi.

My dear sisters, do not overlook the power of a tender massage. Embracing the alaeque nasi with your fingers, imagine that you are cultivating a chakra garden. With a careful, tweezer-like grip on either side of your nose, manipulate this muscle gently and rhythmically, coaxing it back into a tranquil state of celebration with your breath.

Lastly, consider the accompanying sounds of nature as an acoustic balm. The tune of birds at twilight, the whisper of leaves dancing in the wind, or the sacred song of a babbling brook possess impressive healing properties. So, my dear sisters, while you tend to your alaeque nasi, open your senses to these melodies, facilitating a mystical connection between your physical beings and the natural world around you.

In our shared journey towards harmony within our bodies and souls, we must remember that the smallest, hidden parts of ourselves – like the intimate alaeque nasi – warrant the same attentive love and care as the grander parts. As you delve into these subtle practices, dear sisters, invite balance and tranquility into your beings and celebrate the quiet symphony of your breath, your body, and your divine spirit. Blessed be your journey towards wholeness.

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