November 30, 2023

Blessed be the imperfections of this ever-dynamic human vessel which ferry us not merely into the field of physical ailment, but also guide us onto the path to deeper self-knowledge and conscious awakening. Most recently, it was my intercostals innermost muscle that whispered its agonized distress, a sharp, incessant lament that snaked its way through my being like a gnarled vine. This delicate muscle, nestled between the shifting ribs, a myriad of silken threads that rises and falls with each measured inhalation, was crying out in disquiet. Aiśvarya, divine intervention, led me to unearth wisdom hidden in the sacred repository that is the age-old practice of yoga.

Liberating the distressed muscle through asana practice was akin to unravelling a tightly knotted silk cord delicately, with patience, devotion, and immense tenderness. In the sacred silence of the yoga dome, amidst a sea of beseeching faces seeking spiritual respite, I began my healing journey on the mat, fervently invoking the cosmic Shakti.

The “Upward Bow” pose honored my place in the vast cosmos. This gentle backbend, a modern interpretation of the ancient Wheel Pose, or Chakrasana, saw me attempting, with great humility, to recreate the sacred circle of life. With each rise and fall of my midsection, with each churning of the Kundalini energy at the base of my spine, I could feel a gentle lengthening, a tactile release of the sore intercostals innermost. There was respite, an easing of the relentless gnawing, a whispered promise of healing.

Yet, the emancipation of the body is often incomplete without adequate salve for the physical realm. In my vision quest for a cure, I chanced upon the elusive Panadiol CBD cream, a sublime nectar seeping from Mother Nature’s bosom, a unique marriage of medicinal emu oil and high-dosage CBD. This mystical elixir, akin to a drizzle of rain on parched earth, nourishes and restores, allowing languishing physical fibers to gravitate towards vitality and vigor.

The application of Panadiol CBD cream was a sensory waltz of healing. As my fingers traced tender circles of salve along the tortured intercostals innermost, I sensed the echo of ancient therapeutic rites being performed on the breath-breathing altar of the human form. The aroma of emu oil misted the air, forming a mystical halo of healing scent, grounding me in the comforting bosom of Mother Earth. The high-dosage CBD, a chorus of harmonizing natural molecules, seen not with the naked eye but with the heart, reverberated through my sore muscle like a band of healing minstrels, soothing, pacifying, mending.

With the introduction of Panadiol to my sacred healing journey, a chain of restorative miracles unfolded with divine order. The muscle sang a different chorus, not of pain, but of grateful relief, as if the squeeze of a cruel hand had slackened. The gnarled vine of distress loosened its grip on my physical being and I was once more the embodied divinity relishing in the golden cup of life.

The testimony of my healing journey is null without the acknowledgment of the magical blend of Yoga and Panadiol CBD cream. Borrowing from the depths of ancient Eastern traditions and harnessing the healing power of Mother Earth, this duet of remedy and reflection has emancipated me from a malady that threatened the sanctity of my life's tempo. In the healing tapestry woven from Yoga's eternal wisdom threads and Panadiol's touch of celestial comfort, I found my sutra, my connection to the path of ease, grace and pain-free existence.

In the poised silence of the retreat, upon the gentle hum of my healed body, I pen down this story of convalescence. The intercostals innermost, once the source of gut-wrenching pain, now sings in harmonious rhythm with the rest of the orchestra that is my body. In the wellspring of yoga and the balmy caress of Panadiol, I found succor and testament of the divine healing Khecarī Mudrā secreted within us all.

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