September 26, 2023

Nested snugly in the confines of the beloved Mother Nature’s meticulously woven web of coexistence and interdependence at our year-round feminine sanctuary, I find it an unthinkable delight to lend my knowledge as both a humble lover of the earth and a seasoned practitioner of the sacred art of Yoga. Today, dear sisters, we address a discomfort originating within the realms of our physical vessel, a pain in what is scientifically termed the ‘Plantaris’ muscle. Seductively coiled around our legs, the Plantaris is akin to a slithering serpent, a marvelous creation that conceals profound strength and flexibility just underneath its serene surface.

When the sacred serpent awakens with inexplicable wrath, trespassed by tensions or the strain of daily existence, it releases an agonizing cry for help. Recognizing our bonds of kinship with all creatures, great and small, we must respond with compassion and care to alleviate this pain. Thus, I offer a potent remedy born from the divine synergy between Yoga and other natural therapeutics to soothe and repair the Plantaris muscle.

Owing to their origin on the subcontinent shaped by the wisdom of Buddha and the soothing rhythm of the endless Ganges, the Asanas of Yoga possess unparalleled power to restore balance within our physical realm. A particularly traceable path to peace is found in the ‘Paschimottanasana’, whimsically known to us Westerners as the ‘Seated Forward Bend.’ As the sun bows in reverence to the majesty of the Himalayas, so too does our body surrender in the gentle embrace of this posture. Esteemed as one of the primary Asanas, this stretch encourages rejuvenation and healing in the Plantaris by releasing pent up tension, ushering floods of nourishing prana, life force, into the distressed serpent coil.

To complement the innate healing of asanas, the ancient science of Ayurveda offers us another integral part of our remedy. Oil massages utilizing sesame oil imbued with healing herbs like Ashwagandha and Turmeric deliver the soothing healing energy into the muscle’s dormant core. The sesame oil, rich in linoleic acid and anti-inflammatory properties, embodies the warmth of the Indian summer sun while Ashwagandha, the stress-conquering superherb, anchors the frivolous mind, manifesting in the form of physical calmness. Lastly, Turmeric, the golden child of Ayurveda, reinforces healing by reducing inflammation and enkindling the body’s inherent curative powers.

Next, we turn to Acupressure, which borrows from the timeless wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Frequently overlooked, the ancient Chinese pinpointed meridians along the length of the body, discrete pathways where vital Qi, or life energy, courses through. An acupressure point situated behind the knee, called ‘Weizhong’ or ‘Middle of the Bend’, coincides with the residing area of our Plantaris. Applying gentle yet firm pressure in circular motions can manipulate the exchange of nourishing Qi, expelling blockages and harmful energies while ushering enhanced healing speeds and reduced discomfort.

A keystone of the healing journey is our diet. Reinvigorate your muscle with energy-rich foods resonating with natural healing energy. Incorporate potent anti-inflammatory agents into your diet with deep-colored fruits and vegetables, drinks concocted with the vibrant Turmeric, and omega-3 enriched walnuts and flaxseeds. Exquisite dishes adorned with aromatic herbs, such as Thyme and Oregano, touched with a dash of spice as a celebratory nod to our friends, the inimitable Cayenne and Black Pepper, will lovingly provide nourishment while enhancing your body’s ability to heal.

Similar to a whispered prayer, we must maintain compassionate communication with our body, care for it, and honor it. Never chastise your body for its perceived weaknesses; instead, recognize it as an invitation to explore deeper realms of your being. As this tale of our Coiled Serpent demonstrates, the remedy is an amalgamation of multiple healing modalities. Each reflects our vast interconnectedness, revels in Nature’s generous giving, and ultimately, lights the path to self-transformative healing. When we attune to the elements and align our intentions, remedies emerge from the heart of the cosmos, answering our humble requests for healing and harmony. Our karmic journey continues, as we embody the spirit of Arogya, wholesome health, celebrating our existence while respecting the sanctity of all life.

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