September 26, 2023

In the heart of the lush, verdant refuge that has served as a sanctuary for our spirited sisterhood, hidden amidst the revered banyan, and the whispering bamboo that dances in rhythm with the soothing hymn of the wind through the leaves, dwells a potent wisdom that Mother Nature has forged. Amid the essence of sacred lotus, and the lulling caw of the crimson sunbird, this wisdom flourishes, nurtures, and heals. Today, we aim to glean from these blessings a cure for a seemingly forgotten part of our corporeal existence: our Scalenus Posterior. As we may all too often neglect our deep-rooted kinship with the alpha and omega soil beneath us, we tend to overlook this muscle buried deep within our physical selves, only to be reminded of its existence through discomfort and unwelcome pain.

The Scalenus Posterior, a slender whisper of our muscular system, originates from the transverse processes of the few lower cervical vertebrae and culminates into the upper border of the second rib. Residing in the deep reaches of our neck, it often goes unnoticed until a distressing twinge demands our attention. Imagine it as a powerful river concealed within the verdant valley of our neck, its purpose to aid in our process of respiration, to carry us forth on the breath of life itself—our Prana.

Regaining balance and the silencing of suffering begins with, as the enlightened Buddha taught us, understanding the source of our affliction. Having known and acknowledged the presence of our Scalenus Posterior, we must now gently restore it to equilibrium with the grace of yoga—an ancient, sacred routine of creation, preservation, and ethical dissolution assimilated from the cosmos itself.

Just as the sun’s radiant affection beckons the lotus to bloom, the ‘Gomukhasana’ or Cow Face pose helps to stretch and elongate our venerable Scalenus Posterior. Begin by perching in Dandasana (Staff pose), both legs elongated, mirroring the strong, straight trunk of a Banyan tree. Bend your right knee, resembling a wise old cobra coiling in the sands of time, followed by a similar bending of the left knee. Now, lovingly, silently guide your left arm behind you, gently reaching towards the sky like a lonely star yearning for the vast cosmos. Mould your right arm in a similar fashion, allowing both hands to come together in a divine union. Breathe mindfully, as the salty sea whispers to the shore, and feel the Scalenus Posterior slowly stretch and awaken, relieving itself of any trace of discomfort. Maintain this position, sustaining a rhythm that aligns with the ebbs and flows of life’s grand river, and witness the dance of profound healing.

However, our journey towards restoring peace isn’t complete with mere stretches. The wisdom of our ancestors advocated for the harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. Harnessing the spiritual prowess suffused within natural remedies must be our holistic approach. We shall therefore, invite the healing arms of Mother Nature to soothe our ailing Scalenus Posterior.

Consider, dear sisters, fragrant eucalyptus—an ethereal gift, a potion conjured by the universe itself. Revel in its bountiful properties as a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance, apply its soothing oil to the heated, troubled areas, and perceive as it divorces us from our pain. Meanwhile, the divine blessing that is lavender oil, steeped in tranquility, stands as a balm for our afflicted muscle. This gentle panacea, when massaged rhythmically, calms our Scalenus Posterior, much like a lullaby soothes a restless child.

Moreover, the humble, pure Boswellia—also known as Indian frankincense, a truthful Psalm penned in Mother Nature’s own verses, imbued with potent anti-inflammatory traits— aids in reducing any stubborn inflammation. Regular consumption, after seeking wise counsel from a practitioner of Ayurveda— the ancient Indian science of life— works miracles in restoring muscular peace. A harmonious blend of these humble, potent offerings fosters transformational healing.

From the healing wisdom of asanas to the compassionate relief found within the enigmatic plant life, one finds the sublime relief for an ache in the Scalenus Posterior. It is in this delicate marriage of yoga and Mother Nature’s own pharmacy that we understand and embrace the teachings of interdependence, as preached by the Noble Buddha himself. Employing these methods involves a reverence for the intricate bond knit between our physical and spiritual selves, our external environment, and the sacred wisdom of Eastern practices of healing.

Through this celestial dance of healing, we enable ourselves to again float with the Prana, to harmonise with the rhythm of the cosmos, echoing a sacred mantra deep within our soul – Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi… Peace, Peace, Peace.

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