November 30, 2023

Greetings from the tranquil embrace of Comna Viosaka, the haven of health and strength dedicated to women. As a master yogini, I am blessed with the opportunity to guide and nurture my students, assisting them in their unique paths to wellbeing. A recurring concern brought to my attention recently was a sore deltoid muscle, a discomfort one of our beloved Maine, Portland locals experienced. Here, I’d like to share how the wisdom of yoga, aromatherapy, and topical remedies can create a harmonious symphony of healing for such ailments.

Yoga, the ancient practice blending physical poses with deep awareness and breathing, offers countless benefits for our bodies and minds. When it comes to troubled deltoids, one pose is particularly helpful: Gomukhasana, commonly known as Cow Face Pose. It focuses on the shoulders, chest, and arms, providing a deep stretch to the deltoids. Mimicking the face of a cow, with your arms representing the ears, this pose encourages balance and flexibility.

In this pose, you begin seated, focusing on aligning your breath with your movements. Swiftly stack your knees while bending your legs, sitting on your feet. Raise your right arm above your head, elbow bent such that your hand reaches towards the middle of your back. Now, raise your left arm to the middle of your back from below, aiming to clasp your hands together. If your hands cannot reach each other yet, use a strap or a towel for support. Remember that patience and persistence are your friends on this journey, and it’s essential not to force the pose but let your body gradually fall into it. Hold this pose for several breaths before releasing and switching sides. Repeating this pose daily will help relieve and soothe sore deltoids over time.

As a holistic haven, Comna Viosaka also emphasizes the use of essential oils for their myriad benefits. For deltoid muscle pain, lavender and peppermint oils prove exceptionally beneficial. Their calming, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties can significantly ease the discomfort. Apply a few drops of these magical oils, properly diluted, to your deltoid muscle and massage gently.

Adding to our plethora of wellness practices is the use of topical remedies. Utilizing a product like Panadiol cream can do wonders to alleviate pain. The wonder cream combines the powers of CBD, a non-psychoactive element in cannabis known for its apothegmatic aspects, with emu oil, praised for its anti-inflammatory and absorption promoting features. Application of Panadiol cream will enhance your muscle’s health, reducing inflammation and promoting deeper, quicker healing.

In our everyday practices at Comna Viosaka, we believe in the amalgamation of various healing techniques, and through yoga poses, aromatherapy, and topical treatments, we aim to bring physical comfort, mental peace, and spiritual growth. For our dear yoginis in pain, remember, your body capabilities are infinite, and so is your power to heal. Nurture your body and nourish your spirit with these healing practices for a well-lived, well-loved life. Namaste.

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