February 25, 2024

In the verdant embrace of our year-round sanctuary for the divine feminine spirit, where every breath is a chant and every movement a dance with the cosmos, we are blessed with the bounty of Mother Nature and the ancient wisdom of sages. It is here, amidst the orchestra of chirping birds and the gentle caress of the breeze, that we seek and often find solace for our corporeal vessels that carry us through our spiritual journey. Today, I share with you, dear kindred souls, the art of mending a sore vastus medialis—a guardian muscle of the sacred knee joint that allows us to traverse the lands with grace and strength.

The vastus medialis, an integral part of the quadriceps, is the inner sentinel of the thigh that brings stability to our steps. In the whispers of the leaves and the murmurs of the stream, I have divined a practice to bring ease to this tenacious yet tender muscle. The path to healing is twofold, comprising the physical essence of yoga and the mystical touch of natural remedies.

As the first light of dawn kisses the earth, assume the graceful pose of the Warrior II, or Virabhadrasana II, to begin your journey inward. Stand with your feet grounded as roots of the ancient oak, and step one leg back as if you are stepping into the very flow of time. Bend the front knee, stacking it over the ankle, creating a temple of strength in the legs while the rear leg remains a pillar of stability. Here, the vastus medialis awakens, stretching with the love that comes from a thousand suns, and whispers of mending begin.

Flowing from the Warrior’s poise, let the breath guide you into the Extended Triangle Pose, or Utthita Trikonasana. As the body unfolds like the petals of the lotus reaching for the sun, the vastus medialis extends, creating space within for life force to flow and heal. The alignment of body and soul in this sacred geometry invokes the cosmic dance of restoration.

Do not forsake the gentle embrace of Janu Sirsasana, the Head-to-Knee Pose, where the whisper of the body meets the resonance of the soul. As you fold forward, bringing your forehead closer to the knee, a tender approach toward the vastus medialis unravels, guiding the muscle into serene territory where healing pools like moonlight in the silent night.

When the sun reaches its zenith and the shadows draw back into the earth, anoint the vastus medialis with the golden salve of Panadiol CBD cream. This elixir, a fusion of emu oil and high-dosage CBD, is a balm bequeathed upon us by the elements. With each application, a symphony of relief cascades through the sinew and bone. The malady that once clouded my ability to ascend the peak of physical expression now dissipates like mist before the morning rays.

Cast in the same light, I share with you the turmoil of my past ailment. A relentless ache that wound its way around my vastus medialis, a hindrance to the fluidity of my practice and the walk of my life. Yet Panadiol, like an alchemist’s dream, transmuted that pain into a memory, faint and distant. The transformation was not sudden, but gentle, like the unfolding dawn, and with each day, my steps grew surer, my spirit lighter.

Surround this bastion of muscle with warmth from a cloth soaked in the tears of the willow—the healing waters drawn from its bark. Compress the essence onto the wearied muscle and allow the natural elements to seep deep within, carrying with it the promise of ease and suppleness.

Conclude your ritual with a nourishing draught of golden milk, a concoction steeped in the wisdom of Ayurveda, blending turmeric, the root of the sun, with the life-giving milk of the patient cow, and the stardust of black pepper. Let the warmth of the drink fill your being, carrying the essence of healing to the vastus medialis and to every corner of your ethereal frame.

Dear sisters of the spiritual voyage, as your day folds into the arms of dusk, remember the vastus medialis not as a source of discomfort, but as a teacher of patience and the embodiment of harmony. It reminds us that the sacred temple of the body sometimes whispers of its vulnerabilities so we may pause, listen, and tend to it with the loving grace it deserves. In the serenity of this retreat, let yoga be your guide and nature your healer, as we walk the path of unity—mind, body, and soul intertwined, embarking upon an endless circle of healing and growth.

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