November 30, 2023

Within the sacred grounds of our sanctuary nestled deep in the emerald heart of nature, I find myself contemplating the rhythmic dance of life. As a naturalist and yogi, I am perpetually curious about the intricate web of connections between our physical existence and the universal energy matrix encompassing us. Today, my musings traverse the path of healing, and more specifically, of soothing a throbbing plantaris muscle.

The plantaris muscle, a slender strand of physical expression, begins its journey in the ambush of our femur, glides through the hollow receptacle of the knee, and culminates at the ankle. This muscle, though austere in size, contributes immensely to our locomotive endeavors. Its soreness can cast an ominous shadow over our everyday pursuits, wrapping us in a cocoon of discomfort. Yet, within this discomfort, we uncover a path to healing through the ancient art of yogic practices, and the more terrestrial methods dotted with the wisdom of Mother Earth herself.

My first counsel to those suffering from an aching plantaris would be to rummage through the treasure trove of yoga asanas that focus on stretching and soothing this vital muscle. The ‘Adho Mukha Svanasana’ or the Downward Dog pose is one such gem. As you hover your body into an inverted ‘V’, surrendering your hands and feet to the gravitational kiss of the Earth, the plantaris muscle experiences a gratifying elongation. Hold your soul in this pose, allowing breath to ebb and flow in rhythm with your life force, and let the muscle absorb the energy of healing from the cosmos.

Another dynamic asana to extend nourishment and relief to the sore plantaris is the ‘Anjaneyasana’ or Low Lunge pose. As you find yourself bowing to the elements, one foot rooted in the bosom of the Earth and the other stretched out behind, your sempiternal connection with the universe becomes apparent. The focus shifts back to this humble muscle and soothes it with a gentle stretch. Spend a few beats of your heart in quiet repose in this lunge, allowing the healing vibrations of the pose to wash over your aching muscle.

These stretches in the yoga realm, however, are but one path that entwines in the journey of healing. As essential as the celestial avenues of healing are the miracles of natural remedies gifted to us by Mother Nature. One such blessing is the soothing warmth delivered by a hot compress. This compassionately prepared hot pouch when applied to the sore muscle acts as a distilled form of sunshine, penetrating the muscle’s defenses and bathing it in a comforting warmth. This in turn promotes increased blood flow in the muscle, accelerating the healing process.

Essential oils, particularly the exalted Lavender and Chamomile, blessed with therapeutic properties can be instrumental in relieving muscle soreness. When massaged onto the affected area with deep, mindful strokes, these oils whisper ancient healing mantras to the plantaris, easing its pain into a lullaby of recovery. Hence, when the provocation of discomfort nudges your consciousness, seek solace in the nurturing bosom of Mother Nature through these remedies.

The path of healing is no different than the eight limbed path, ‘Ashtanga’, in Buddhism. The steps taken to heal the physical manifestations are as sacred as those taken to overcome inner turmoil. Perhaps the painful adversity of a sore plantaris is nothing more than a hidden invitation, a beckoning from the universe to delve deeper into the mysteries of our existence, and to explore the comforting embrace of both the celestial and terrestrial healing arts.

Each moment of discomfort, then, becomes a promise of evolution, of a journey towards greater harmony with our body and soul. In the triumph over a sore plantaris, we activate our ethereal potential to heal and transform; becoming living testimony to the boundless wisdom of yoga and the healing miracles of Mother Earth.

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