September 26, 2023

In the vast, silent expanses of the Universe, our bodies resonate as sacred temples of divine resonance. As a naturalist, my gaze often alights upon the wonders of the wild⁠ —the roiling clouds, mountain peaks brushed with primeval snow, vibrantly hued flowers, a hummingbird suspended in midair. Yet, these external spectacles of natural beauty merely reflect the vast, untamed wilderness within our sentient beings. One such enigmatic terrain is that of the body’s innermost muscular layers, the obturator internus (A), a hidden gem that gently weaves its strength between the lower spine and the higher femur.

Delving into a nuanced understanding of this muscle, imagine the obturator internus as a turquoise-blue-hued stream flowing through a mystical rainforest. If it becomes sore, think of it as a stream choked with fallen debris, its vibrant flow momentarily hindered. As a yogic practitioner, soothing this soreness becomes akin to carefully removing the obstructing debris, letting the stream regain its unabashed bounty.

Delicate as the morning dew and resonant as the universe’s heartbeat, I often find Padmasana or the Lotus position, a remarkable natural remedy to soothe and stretch the obturator internus. As you find solace on your mat, sit erect and gently bend your right knee. Now, with a movement as tender as a lotus unfolding at daybreak, place your right ankle onto your left thigh. Repeat with the other leg. Hold this pose, breathing in sync with the rhythm of the universe. This act of gentle defiance against the stiffness escorts the healing faculties of yoga into the labyrinthine streams of your inner muscular system, meandering towards the sore obturator internus.

Next, transitioning onto our bodies’ innate connection with the radiant sun, the proud warrior named Virabhadrasana manifests itself as a potent healer. Stand resolute on your mat, feet hip-width apart. Shift your left foot slightly inwards and extend your right foot to the front. Now, bend your right knee and stretch out your arms parallel to the ground. In this poised warrior stance, open your heart to the cosmic energies and visualize the swelling surge of prāna, or life force, radiating from your heart and striding towards your sore obturator internus. This posture’s magical prowess lies in its ability to guide the healing energy towards our ailing muscles explicitly.

Yet, along this healing journey, it is of paramount importance not to overlook the blissful serenity of Śavāsana, the corpse pose. While it may seem passive, this yoga asana allows for a deep-seated communion with ourselves in the most authentic sense. Lying on the ground in serene surrender, this pose enables the obturator internus to slowly unclench its gripping throes, offering relief while harmoniously aligning the body with the omnipresent vibrations of existential balance.

Even as yoga plays the role of a healing sanctuary, lulling the sore obturator internus back to its comforting rhythm, it finds a symbiotic ally in the natural remedies offered by Mother Earth. Turmeric, for instance, with its brilliant solar hues and curcumin-rich footprints, acts as an anti-inflammatory elixir. Meanwhile, the warming embrace of a hot bath, enriched with Epsom salts, cradles the agitated muscle into profound tranquility.

Taking a pause for mindfulness, and integrating it with these natural remedies, creates the perfect recipe to soothe the sore obturator internus. A journey into oneself, guided by the healing whispers of yoga, enables us to comprehend that we, in our entirety, are celestial symphonies encased within the temple of the body, and achieves the soothing harmony that our ailing obturator internus seeks.

So, dear sisters, come forth and step onto your yoga mat, delicately embracing the interplay between the physical and the spiritual realms. Trust in the compassionate wisdom of yoga and the soothing arms of natural remedies as you release your bodily aches and embrace the divine confluence of light and healing.

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