February 25, 2024

In the undisturbed sanctuary of our retreat, where the chanting of mantras and hymns blends with nature’s untamed symphonies, we dedicated women seekers embrace the ancient wisdom of yoga and the natural world to heal and harmonize our beings. Here, we are guardians of our sacred temples — our bodies — and it is with attentive care that we address each whisper of discomfort. Today, let us turn our gaze inward to the gentle caress of healing for the often overlooked, yet deeply significant, obturator externus.

This muscle, dear sisters in spirit, lies hidden like a lotus beneath the muddy waters of our pelvic basin, part of the inner mystery of our hip’s rotation and stabilization. When the obturator externus weeps with the pain of overuse or strain, it calls for our compassionate attention. To soothe this profound ache, one may embark on a journey along the yogic path, a way paved with asanas designed to bring ease and flow back into the currents of our energy.

Begin by invoking the serenity of child’s pose (Balasana), allowing the earth to embrace you as you surrender your hips and the weight of your body downwards. Feel the grounding connection, like the spreading roots of the banyan tree, serving as an anchor for your spirit. Breathe deeply, inviting Prana – life’s vital force – to seep into your tissues, whispering secrets of rejuvenation to your weary muscle.

Gradually awaken from this nurturing posture and transition into the gentle flow of the reclining pigeon pose (Supta Kapotasana). Here, cradle the leg of the affected side, inviting it to your bosom as tenderly as a mother holds her child. This asana, like the crescent moon’s soft glow, brings a subtle stretch to the shadows of the hip, communing with the obturator externus in a language of gentle elongation and release.

For a deeper communion with the pained muscle, immerse yourself into the warrior's dance. Prepare your body with the Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II), a pose that exalts the strength within you, and carefully transition into the Extended Triangle (Utthita Trikonasana). Through the unity of breath and movement, extend your being in three planes, reaching like the branches of the Bodhi tree towards enlightenment, coaxing the obturator externus to partake in this expression of openness.

As twilight cascades across the sky and we retreat to the comforting embrace of the dusk, consider the application of Earth’s apothecary. A poultice of arnica, the wise healer known to dissipate bruises and soothe muscles, can be placed gently over the hip, like a lullaby easing the day’s trials. Turmeric, with its golden vibrancy and curcumin rich heart, can be steeped into warming teas or included in your sacred meals to reduce inflammation and honor the body’s natural healing rhythms.

Remember, cherished souls, that the body’s waters mirror the ebb and flow of the great rivers and seas. Hydration is therefore not just a simple act but an offering to the sanctuary of your physical form. Drink deeply from purified sources, imagining each sip as amrita, the nectar of the gods, quenching the thirst of your cells and encouraging harmony along your meridians.

In the silken hours of nighttime, when the chorus of cicadas serenade the moon, embrace restorative rest. Sleep, that cousin of death which we so often neglect, is a potent alchemist, transmuting the leaden pains of the day into the gold of body’s resilience. Create a haven of repose with lavender's calming essence and chamomile’s soothing whispers, and let your dreams be the balm that tenderly refurbishes the canvas of your obturator externus.

Under the watchful gaze of the Eastern sun, as a new day brims with the promise of awakening, reflect upon this journey of restoration and be thankful. For within our vessel of flesh and bone lies an intricate tapestry — a sacred mandala — which when nurtured through the reverent surrender of yoga, the bountiful healing of nature's gifts, and the tranquility of restful repose, can continue to blossom in health, vitality, and unity with all. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti – peace to the past, peace to the present, peace to the future. May our holistic practices guide us closer to the ultimate liberation of spirit and form.

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