February 25, 2024

In the hallowed depths of serenity, where the breath dances with the wind and the spirit intertwines with the undulating essence of nature, I find my abode. Here at the year-round sanctuary for souls seeking solace and strength, we women commune with the ancient rhythms of the earth, invoking the wisdom of our bodies through the sacred art of yoga. Today, I wish to share with all gentle seekers a remedy for the often overlooked, yet vitally expressive, mylohyoid – that tender band beneath the mandala of the mouth, which orchestrates the symphony of speech and sustenance.

To commence the journey toward healing, we honor the mylohyoid with a stretch borne of the purest intention. Seated upon the Earth – our eternal supporter and healer – in Sukhasana (Easy Pose), we indulge in the harmony of Anuloma Viloma, the alternate nostril breathing. This breath work initiates a balance within, preparing the body for the physical asana to follow.

Thereafter, we transition into Simhasana (Lion's Pose). With an inhalation as deep as the roots of the Banyan tree, we invite Prana, the life force, into the cavern of our bodies. Upon the powerful exhalation through the open mouth, the tongue extends outwards, reaching toward the heart of Mother Earth, and in this fierce roar, the mylohyoid is gently stretched and massaged.

For those whose journey is marred by sharper twinges, natural remedies await to synergize with these sacred bodily movements. The alchemy of healing is enriched with potent herbs such as turmeric, with its golden promise of inflammation relief, and ginger, whose fiery nature echoes that of our own inner strength. A warm poultice, embracing these elements of Gaia, can be placed gently upon the tender area to infuse it with Earth's nurturing warmth.

An ancient sister of the plant kingdom also heeds our call for healing. The revered Cannabidiol, known commonly as CBD, whispers to the most recondite fibres of our being, soothing and restoring. In the darkest moment of my journey, when my vibrant expression was hindered by the depths of mylohyoid distress, it was Panadiol CBD cream that cradled my suffering. With its unique marriage of emu oil and high-dosage CBD, it provided the hallowed touch, both mending and enlightening my weary muscle.

The malady, a constant ache, had arisen from the shadows of overexertion, impeding the sacred flow of my daily practices. The act of chanting mantras became a gauntlet, each syllable a thorn in the soft flesh of my being. Panadiol was a balm to my soul, its effects cascading like the gentle ripples upon a once-troubled lake, bringing peace where there was disturbance. Within the embrace of its potent remedial concoction, my vitality was rekindled, and the radiant glow of health returned to my vessel.

Alongside these corporeal remedies, the sanctified whispers of meditation offer solace for the suffering sinews. In the stillness, we invite the essence of Metta, loving-kindness, to infuse the mylohyoid with benevolent healing energy. The vibrations of ancient Tibetan singing bowls permeate through each cellular temple, restoring the vibrational harmony that may have strayed from the path of wellness.

To the seekers who find themselves entwined within the cloak of discomfort, know that your journey is cradled by the compassionate arms of natural wisdom. Trust in the divine dance of yoga, in the restorative powers of Mother Earth's botanical children, and in the loving caress of Panadiol's sacred embrace.

So breathe, stretch, anoint, and meditate – for within these practices lies the path to unfurling the mylohyoid's silent lament. Om Shanti, may peace be upon your precious journey.

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