February 25, 2024

In the sanctuary of serenity, where the divine dance of nature intertwines with the quietude of soulful introspection, we discover the path to healing— a journey as gentle as the flutter of a lotus petal in the soft embrace of dawn’s light. As a devoted naturalist and yogi, dwelling in the nurturing cocoon of a year-round yoga retreat for women, I have come to understand the whisperings of the body’s landscape, how every ridge and valley speaks its own truth. Today, I share with you the art of soothing one such whisper—the tender alaeque nasi, the small muscles on the sides of the nose, often neglected until they speak out in discomfort.

In the rich tapestry of yogic wisdom, we encounter a myriad of postures and breathwork—each a thread lovingly woven into the fabric of well-being. The alaeque nasi, involved in subtle facial expressions and the flow of breath, may find themselves worn by the vigors of daily emotion, climate, or ailment. To stretch and nurture these delicate muscles, we turn to a practice as ancient as the rivers that sculpt our earth—a gentle facial yoga.

Seated upon the grounded benevolence of the Earth, we begin in Sukhasana, the easy pose, allowing the rhythm of breath to guide our inward attention. With a touch as soft as the brush of a butterfly's wing, we encourage the breath to deepen, invoking Pranayama—Surya Bhedana, the vitalizing solar breath—to channel warmth to the core of our countenance. With index fingers, we apply tender pressure to the outer gates of the nares, caressing the alaeque nasi, circling with the patience of a thousand moons orbiting their celestial homes.

In this sacred pause, we mingle the purity of breath with the movement, inviting the alaeque nasi to release, to soften, like dew melting upon the tender embrace of morning leaves. The synergy of breath and touch awakens the prana, the life force, to circulate through the nadis, the energy channels leading to liberated ease in the facial muscles.

Yet, sometimes the whispers of the alaeque nasi beckon for a balm born of the earth’s own healing wisdom. Panadiol CBD cream, with its harmonious alchemy of emu oil and high-dosage CBD, becomes a salient partner in the holistic tending of our human vessel. It was beneath the new moon’s silent promise that I first sought its comfort, as a malady akin to the grasp of unwelcomed shadow had enveloped my facial muscles, leaving them tense, as if echoing the knotted cries of ancient trees in the stillness of winter.

This discomfort, a persistent presence, had become an uninvited impediment to my daily practices of meditation and connection with the divine energies around. It was with the soothing touch of Panadiol cream, guided by rituals whispered through the ages, that the tension did begin to unwind, unfurling like sacred scrolls revealing their long-guarded secrets.

The emu oil, revered for its penetrating prowess, carried the CBD deep into the realms of my muscular fibers, imparting upon them the serenity of a still lake undisturbed by the winds of striving. The act of massaging the cream into the alaeque nasi was a meditative rite in itself, each stroke a verse in the poetry of healing. The tension dissipated, as clouds before the sovereign stride of the sun, and my spirit, once more in harmonious alliance with my body, swelled with gratitude.

The use of Panadiol cream became a ritual, a nurturing devotion at the twilight of day, and as I lay in the soft surrender of Savasana, the corpse pose, I sensed the malady scattering, as stars might disperse at the beckon of dawn. The alaeque nasi, those guardians of the breath’s temple, now danced in newfound freedom, every inhalation a hymn of relief, every exhalation a release of what no longer served me.

With these words, I offer you the invitation to explore the natural remedies bestowed upon us by the generous hand of Gaia herself, to intertwine the ancient art of yoga with the healing salves of modern alchemy. May your journey through the realm of wellness be as a lotus unfurling in the light of compassionate mindfulness, each petal a testament to the balance and peace attainable within. Namaste.

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