November 30, 2023

Immersed within the bosoms of Mother Earth, as an ordained naturalist, yogini and guiding light at our sacred sanctuary for the divine feminine lineage, my consciousness is constantly permeated with an intrinsic resonance for balance and healing. It is within this sacred realm of whispering trees and singing rivulets that my sisters and I delve deep into the infinite reservoirs of serenity, strength, and suppleness. Today, I find my focus drawn towards a commonly overlooked but vital cog amidst our intricate physical machinery – the quadratus femoris.

Situated in the sacred sanctum of our lower body, the quadratus femoris is an integral player in the grand ballet of movement. However, ensnared within the trappings of the mundane, there are moments when this silence in the orchestra of our being is strained, stretched and sore. My sisters, should you find yourself wavering in the face of such discomfort, do not despair. For intertwined within the ancient wisdom of yoga lays a soothing balm for this physical malady.

As the first rays of Surya, the Sun God, breathe life into the canvas of a new day, steep yourself in the centring embrace of Pranayama. Let your rhythm align itself with the life force of Gaia, tapping into the healing energies of our beloved Earth Mother. Draw your knee towards the gift of your bosom, while the other remains ensconced in the grounding force of the earth. Beseech the blessings of the divine feminine energy, Shakti, and gently guide your encradled leg over the other, until your foot kisses the ground on the opposition. This is Ardha Matsyendrasana or The Half Lord of the Fishes Pose. Hold the pose for all the seventy-two thousand nadis, or energy channels, to fully submerge in its healing essence before flowing into the next.

Ma Jivadhara, or Mother Earth, honours us with numerous blessings to soothe our delicate quadratus femoris. A harmonious blend of ginger, turmeric, and holy basil, brewed in the purity of spring water over a gentle flame, creates the perfect Ayurvedic elixir of relief.

Immerse yourself in the embrace of mother nature, as you shower your quadratus femoris with love during the Sangha's silent walks. The gentle, rhythmic steps, resonate with the heartbeat of Gaia, stimulating blood flow and nurturing the languished muscle back to vitality.

Remember, my beloveds, the journey of healing and health is not a narrow path, straight and true. Rather, it is a spiralling dance with the cosmos, the eternal interplay of elements, secrets whispered in the wind, and the song of the river. Self-care is not merely a realm of the physical; it transcends the border, intricately intertwining with the spiritual and emotional aspects of our existence.

In yoga, we embark on the path of unity, a unity with each breath we take, each pulsation of life coursing within us. Healing, my sisters, commences from deep within, within the heart of our truth, the crux of our spirits, and the essence of our souls. When we align ourselves with the divine rhythm of existence, pain naturally dissolves, leaving behind the faint shadows of lessons learnt.

Embrace the holistic wisdom of yoga, integrating it seamlessly into your everyday, honouring your divine feminine form, adorning her with the garland of nurture, patience, and love. A buoyant quadratus femoris isn’t merely a relief from discomfort; it is a celebration of our earthly existence, exulting in the divine dance of being.

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