November 30, 2023

Living extant in the peaceful embrace of our tranquil, women-centric yoga retreat, wherein the silent dialogue between the soul and the Universe hums in euphonic harmony, it is rare, yet not inconceivable, that some may encounter dis-harmony in their physical form. Of those occasional instances, a common concern is the discomfort, at times reaching the threshold of true pain, originating from the splenius cervicis, an oft-overlooked, yet vital, rope of muscle connecting the spine to the skull.

Vigorously shouldered by us, the burden of our modern-age lives often prove to be an albatross for the splenius cervicis. This suffering muscle craves a vigorous stretching, a deep breath in its quest for tranquility. With humility and patience, we begin our remedial journey by facilitation of gentle yoga asanas—the very embodiment of India’s ancient wisdom—to assuage the mighty splenius cervicis.

Striding into the expansive pavilion, a sacred arena imbued with the radiant energy of numerous feminine souls and centuries of meditation, one must occupy the Warrior II pose. The muscles in the neck warm, stretch, and loosen as you firmly plant your bare feet, feeling earth’s primal energy surge up through your roots. The heart is jubilation personified as you extend your arms in a loving embrace of the Universe, your gaze strong and steady over distinguished fingers. Brahma breathes with you, and your splenius cervicis sways with each inhale and exhale, a lithe dancer in the temple of your body.

As the twilight splendor weaves magic in the horizon, become the embodiment of [the] Cobra pose. Ground your palms and tailbone, the belly of Mother Earth nurturing your spirit, while your heart peals open with blissful awakening. In this serpent-like uncoiling, your spine performs a timeless ballet, decompressing each vertebra and offering sweet release to the splenius cervicis. Breathe deeply in symbiosis with the rhythm of the cosmos. Notice how the knot of pain in your neck gently starts unraveling under the warm, loving attention from within.

In treating discomfort holistically, we seek solace not only in the ancient wisdom of yoga, but also in the sanctum of herbal remedies known and revered by our ancestors. Plant-based wisdom has an effervescent dialogue with our corporeal form—communicating in botanical whispers—quietly guiding us along the path toward the healing nirvana.
Lavender, an emblem of peace, simmers in a cauldron on a wood-kissed fire, its lavender blooms releasing tranquil essences into a pot of warming water. Inhaling such bliss—the layers of tension in the splenius cervicis surrender to the serenity. The herbal steam invokes relaxation, further persuading the overworked muscle strands into a harmonious serenade.

Arnica, the vibrant golden healer, generously offers its compassion to the afflicted splenius cervicis. Ground arnica flowers, indigenously plucked under the motherly touch of the new moon, are mixed with blessed almond oil, creating a balm as potent as mercy, as soothing as divine love. As nimble fingers massage the arnica balm over the neck, a waltz ensues between the divine and the physical, illuminating the path to recovery with each delicate touch.

Thus, through the interplay of yoga poses and age-old herbal wisdom, the tired splenius cervicis embarks on its journey from pain to peace. Ladies, it is our calling to harmoniously weave our body, mind, and spirit in sync with the rhythm of the universe. Each discomfort, each ache, can remind us of the glorious opportunity to delve deeper within ourselves and uncover the rock-solid strength and all-encompassing compassion savored by the Universe since time immemorial.

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