February 25, 2024

Ahh, who knew being a naturalist could be so busy! I’m here, elbow-deep in some exciting research, when suddenly the muscles in the back of my head suddenly start aching. It turns out I’ve got myself a sore rectus capitus posterior minor, which is causing me major discomfort as I try to focus on my work.

If you’re reading this because you too are suffering from a sore rectus capitus posterior minor, fear not—I’m here to tell you there are a few natural remedies out there to help soothe that discomfort.

The first on the list? Yoga. Believe it or not, a few light stretches can help ease the tension in that troublesome muscle. I’m currently doing a few of my favorites, and I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in how I’m feeling. To start, firmly grab either side of your head with your hands and slowly bring your ears down toward your shoulders. Hold for about 15 seconds, feel the tension and then release. Another great stretch is the chin nod. All you have to do is nod your chin up and then down towards your chest again. Super simple, yet equally effective.

There are also a few other tried-and-true natural remedies out there that you can put to use to help soothe that aching. For starters, applying a cold or hot compress to the area can help relax any tight muscles. It’s also been said that eating certain foods, like garlic, can speed up your recovery.

So no matter where I am in my day-to-day, I’m making it a priority to take care of my sore rectus capitus posterior minor head. If you, too, are having troubles with this very same ache, just try some of the remedies I’ve listed above and you’ll soon be on the road to relief.

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