February 25, 2024

In the sanctified embrace of nature, where the symphony of birdsong weaves through the whispering trees and the vibrant call of a clear stream mingles with the softness of a gentle wind, lies the sacred haven for the soul – the year-round yoga retreat I humbly call home. Here, amidst the pulsating heartbeat of Mother Earth, women from all walks of life gather to realign their energies, restore their balance, and rejuvenate their spirits through the ancient art of yoga.

Among the many ailments the body may whisper to us through discomfort, a sore transverse arytenoid muscle is a clarion call that often goes unheeded. This precious muscle, nestled in the larynx, holds the sacred power of the voice, enabling the resonant vibrations that connect us in aural thread to one another. When suffering, it can disrupt the harmony of our inner song.

In the tender company of my fellow yoginis, let us explore the wisdom of our ancestors and the curative whispers of the Earth to bring solace to this tender ailment. As every petal unfurls in divinely timed perfection, so can we open ourselves to the grace of healing through yoga.

Commence by finding the sacred grounding of Sukhasana, the Easy Pose, which lays the foundation to stillness and clarity. Inhale deeply, filling the vessel of your body with prāṇa, the life-force, and as you exhale, imagine a golden light cleansing the area of discomfort. In this sanctified space, engage in Simhasana, the Lion's Pose, to release the tension held within. Breathe in courage, and on the breath of exhalation, extend the tongue outwards, roaring like the mighty lioness, thereby stretching the transverse arytenoid. The roar, a sacred chant, should be both a release and an invocation, summoning the energies of healing and power.

As the Lion's roar subsides, the sound of 'Om' beckons us into the divine cosmic vibration. Chanting this primal sound in Brahmari pranayama, the Bee Breath, we hum the melody of creation, reverberating through the throat and caressing the transverse arytenoid with vibrational healing.

To soothe the physical, we must also embrace the natural remedies that the Earth provides us. The sacred elixir of warm herbal teas, with threads of healing ginger, comforting turmeric, and a whisper of honey from the tireless bees, creates a liquid mantra that soothes the weary muscle.

Bathing the throat in warmth, a soft cloth anointed with eucalyptus oil, symbolizes the warmth of the spirit, embracing and cocooning the sore area, aiding the great unwind. Eucalyptus, the breath of the forest, carries with it the healing stories of the ancient woodlands, penetrating deep to where the muscle weeps.

In the shadowed hours, when the skies are kissed by the silvery hue of the moon, a poultice made of crushed holy basil, the Tulsi, revered for its life-affirming properties, can be gently pressed against the throat. Ah, to feel the pulse of the plant's spirit as it harmonizes lovingly with your own!

With every sunrise, our journey of introspective healing continues. The Nadi Shodhana or Alternate Nostril Breathing promises balance to the energies within and without, opening channels that might have been shut by discomfort and malaise.

My fellow seekers of health and inner peace, care for your sacred instrument with the reverence of a shrine. Embrace the abundance of nature's apothecary and acknowledge the suffering as an opportunity to delve deeper into the sanctum of self-awareness and holistic healing. Let the gentle discipline of yoga be both your guide and your solace as we tread lightly on this Earth, nurturing our transverse arytenoid and all parts of our sacred body with mindful veneration and love.

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