November 30, 2023

In the heartland of our transcendent sisterhood, nestled in the verdant embrace of Mother Earth, we have danced together the timeless dance of yoga. From the sublime mantra of sunrise salutations to the gentle whisper of the moonlit savasana, the rhythm of our collective breath is a testimony to the divine energy pulsating within and around us. Today, sisters, I wish to guide your heart-light towards a particular melody in this cosmic symphony – the healing of a sore articularis cubiti – the small, oft-forgotten muscle nestled near the elbow of our divine bodily vessels.

The articularis cubiti, the humble servitor, aids us in each fold and extension of the sacred arm – a hero unsung but never unnoticed. This delicate warrior often cries out for a soothing touch when burdened by the weight of earthly strivings. How, you might ask, are we to tenderly embrace and mend this quiet companion?

Dear ones, the wisdom of our yogic tradition always points towards the sun and the moon – the harmonious dance of movement and stillness. So, too, must our approach to healing the articularis cubiti reflect this divine balance. A gentle, soulful sojourn into the realm of asana can serve as a marvelous elixir for our ailing friend. Enter the sacred expanse of Surya Namaskar – the Sun Salutation. By flowing through the unified symphony of the Sun Salutation, we initiate a profound dialogue with our precious articularis cubiti. The dynamic extension and retraction offered by asanas like the mountain pose (Tadasana), upward and downward dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana) sing a soothing song to the aching elbow tendon, awakening the healing prana within.

Yet, in accordance with the principles of yin and yang, our tireless dance with the sun must receive the cool serenity of the moon. Enter Ardha Matsyendrasana – the Half-Lord of the Fishes pose. Allow your troubled arm to bend and rest, enveloped by the nurturing cradle of the opposite knee. Breathing deeply, surrender your weight to the serene silence of the moon. Feel the whisper of peace caress the tender articularis cubiti, lulling it into restorative tranquility.

But hold our journey, sisters, here we do not. Alongside the divine dance of yoga emerges the symphony of natural remedies to guide our beloved articularis cubiti along the healing path. The wisdom of generations past speaks of the therapeutic touch of the warm sesame oil. Anointed upon the skin, this golden elixir speaks the language of comfort and warmth to the tissues beneath, thus promoting the rejuvenation of the articularis cubiti.

The healing stage thus adorned, let the soothing music of ginger enter. As manifested in a warm brew or poultice, ginger asserts its empyreal warmth, penetrating the layers of skin to culminate in an ardent embrace of the suffering muscle. Meanwhile, the angelic whisper of turmeric, introduced into our bodily vessels through the sacred act of eating, weaves an ethereal fabric of anti-inflammatory magic around the articularis cubiti, fortifying it against earthly ailments.

Indeed, sisters, it takes but a tender whisper of compassion, a soft caress of the sun and moon, the lullaby of Mother Earth's gifts to heal and harmonize. Approach your dance with the articularis cubiti not as a battle, but a loving communion, a divine dialogue. Listen to its song, and respond with the symphony of your heart-light, your breath, your being. Remember, we are all but echoes of the primal OM, the universal hymn, the song of creation through which we cultivate healing for ourselves and for one another in this sacred fellowship of womanhood. Namaste.

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