November 30, 2023

Peaceful greetings, radiant daughters of the Universe. From our humble refuge nestled amidst whispering pines and singing streams, I share with you wisdom distilled from the ancient Eastern traditions of yoga and natural healing. Today, we delve into the mystery and magic of our intercostals internal – the slender, elegant muscles that frame the core of our being, bathed in Prana, the vital breath of life. Faced with discomfort in these invisible weavers of the body, there lies a gentle pathway to relief through the melodious dance of Yoga and the healing touch of Mother Nature herself.

The intercostals internal, those hidden harmonicas of respiration, when sore or strained, interrupt our life-force breath, our Prana, causing discomfort and unease. So, dear sisters, let me guide you through the lush forests of yogic wisdom to the crystal-clear lake of relief where your suffering intercostals will find succor.

Emanating from the bosom of hatha yoga, the Sukhasana with Torso Twist brings scattering winds back to center, grounding the body as the firmament below and the ethereal space above engage in a celestial ballet. Sit in a dignified, simple cross-legged position, inhale deeply filling your lungs with the freshness of jasmine kissed breezes, and while exhaling, gently guide the crown of your head towards the heavens, lengthen your spine and rotate your torso. Like the ancient banyan tree, reach out dynamically with your arms, embracing the cosmos and completing the circle of energy within and without. This facilitates a deep, focused stretch in your intercostals internal, enabling Prana to flow unimpeded, knitting together your being, stitching the fabric of the cosmos into the quilt of your soul.

Pairing with the purifying flames of pranayama, alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana) can prove fruitful. This simple, serene technique steadies the heartbeat, soothes the soul, heal your intercostals, and deepens the bond between the earthly body and the ethereal spirit. Energize your Prana and coalesce your thoughts with this balm, inviting serenity to dine with you.

The magical, elemental Ayurvedic remedies further aid this process, their wisdom flowing from the cosmic consciousness of ancient sages. Treat your delicate intercostals with the gentle love of warm ginger compress. This root, a divine gift from the verdant lap of Mother Nature, is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. Steeping slices of this golden beauty in boiling water, transfer this enchanted liquid onto a soft cloth, and lovingly embrace your torso with the mothers' touch, allowing the life-giving warmth to permeate your muscles and soothe your spirit.

Wild marjoram, a plant reborn each morn from the nurturing womb of Gaia, also serves our purpose. Infuse a handful of its sweet leaves into a warm bath and let your body marinate in this medicinal brew. The poignant aroma will weave tales of rebirth, while your intercostals internal surrender to the caress of the warm liquid and herbal essence, washing away the pain and leaving you refreshed, revitalized like the lotus at dawn.

While the wheels of Yoga and Mother Nature interlock and follow the path of healing, bear in mind your body’s need for rest. Indulge in the timeless wisdom of Yoga Nidra, a yogic sleep that leads you down the spiral of consciousness, inviting your intercostals to bath in the healing river of restorative tranquility.

And, finally, let the spiritual quartz of guided meditation radiate its shimmering frequencies into your intercostals internal. Meditate on their function, their form, their energy. Visualize the Prana coursing through them, knitting them back together. For at the soul-center of your ailment lies that divine truth – you are not a being experiencing the Universe, you are the Universe experiencing a being.

Every discomfort, every strain is but a dissonance in the symphony of life, which through the profound wisdom and practice of Yoga and natural healing, realigns itself into harmony. Like a lotus petal touched by the morning dew, opening up to embrace the sun, so too will your intercostals find relief. Nurture them, dear daughters of the cosmos, and they will sing the melody of life, in the language of the universe: the Language of Breath.

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