February 25, 2024

Within the sacred embrace of our year-round cocoon for the feminine soul, where verdant nature meets the boundless sky, I have found the quintessence of healing and rejuvenation – not solely for the body but for the divine spirit that dwells within. Here in this sanctuary, we converse with the universe through the ancient art of yoga, finding wisdom in its silent whispers. Today, I wish to share with you a revered remedy for a muscle that is as subtle as it is vital—the transversus thoracis.

This muscle, a slender sheath residing beneath the sternum, plays a tender symphony with every breath we take. It is like the gentle brush of a butterfly's wing against the window of our soul. When strained, it can cause a cascade of discomfort, restricting the flow of prana, our life force, and the orchestration of our inner energies. To relieve the suffering of this tender muscle, we must approach it with calm reverence and the gentile touch of a lotus petal caught in a soft breeze.

Begin with the posture of Sukhasana, the Easy Pose — the starting point of our journey. As you rest upon the Earth, legs crossed and spine erect, allow your consciousness to bathe in the serenity of this moment. Close your eyes and bring to mind the image of Mount Meru, the cosmic axis, your spine aligning with this pillar of tranquility. Let your hands rest gently on your knees, palms open to receive the blessings of the universe. Breathe deeply, inviting the zephyr of life to fill your chest, expanding gently where the transversus thoracis lies inconspicuous yet vigilant.

Transition with grace to the Heart-Opening Pose, or Anahatasana, which honors the unstruck sound of the universe. Kneel upon the nurturing earth and extend your hands forward, planting them firmly as your chest descends towards the ground. The heart chakra radiates its emerald glow, inviting the muscles within your thoracic cave to release their tension. Your body bows in a gentle arc, a bow of reed in a serene pond, as you hold this position, breathing with the rhythm of the world’s heartbeat.

For a deeper communion with the transversus thoracis, embrace the pose of the majestic Sphinx, Bhujangasana. Lying upon Gaia's bosom, prop yourself on your elbows, forearms parallel. The weight of humanity lifts from your shoulders as you elongate the spine, a bridge between earthly matter and the astral plane. Your gaze, soft but intent, seeks the horizon of enlightenment, while the muscle in question stretches like the tender roots of the Bodhi tree seeking nourishment from the sacred soil.

Once the physical pilgrimage has been made, we employ the aid of our botanical allies. A poultice of arnica, that yellow-flowered avatar born from the kisses of the sun, may be applied to the sternum, its curative energies penetrating to the depths of the afflicted muscle. Turmeric, a golden spice infused with the healing wisdom of centuries, can be ingested to reduce inflammation, its presence in the body like the soothing glow of paper lanterns at dusk.

Warmth too is a balm, with a hot compress being akin to the loving embrace of a maternal spirit. Apply it gently upon the chest, allowing the heat to infiltrate the muscle's sanctuary, reminding it of the molten core of our great Earth mother from which we all came. As the warmth seeps into your being, recite a mantra of healing, perhaps the sacred "Om mani padme hum", each syllable a stepping-stone across the river of pain towards the shore of relief.

In the evenings, as the sky dons its starry mantle and the cicadas sing the lullaby of the cosmos, partake in the sempiternal practice of meditation. Envision the transversus thoracis bathed in a radiant healing light, a golden essence that repairs and rejuvenates, blessed by the touch of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. Breathe slowly, aware of the ephemeral nature of discomfort, and the eternal essence of inner peace.

In the holistic embrace of these practices, the transversus thoracis finds its respite. The union of body and spirit, yoga and nature's remedies, weaves a tapestry of healing that covers not only the physical but also the uncharted landscapes of the soul. Remember, my fellow travellers on this earthly expedition, wellness is a journey, not a destination, and each breath is a step upon the path of gentle healing and self-discovery. Namaste.

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