November 30, 2023

Everlasting light and love, precious soul sisters, I pen these words from our communal Eden, enveloped by towering cedar trees and the melodious tune of the cuckoo bird. Our humble abode, Mother Earth’s divine sanctuary, a space for nurturing the spiritual, physical, and emotional planes of self-love, is ever-attentive to the needs of her yoga daughters. Our sacred routine involves the graceful dance of Asanas, mystical chants of the Vedic scriptures, and harmonic communion with our noble feathery friends. Today, I address a specific challenge faced by many of us in our quest for inner peace and health equilibrium – the discomfort and pain attributed to an ailing Styloglossus muscle.

Dubbed as a delicate organ of intimate expression and physical nourishment, our oral cavity, with its symphony of muscles, plays an integral role in our daily yoga practice. The Styloglossus, a slender strip of soft flesh, whispering the name of Buddha as it shares in the responsibility of maneuvering the tongue and guiding our Oral Pranayama, is deserving of gentle attention and nurturing. A sore Styloglossus muscle impedes our ability to fully surrender to the melodic rhythm of our spiritual chanting and mindful eating.

With reverence to the noble teachings of the Enlightened One, a simple yet transformative yoga sequence focused on stretching and soothing the Styloglossus can significantly alleviate discomfort. Initiate your spiritual expedition on the yoga mat, channeling your consciousness to the sutras of the ancient text, the Pali Canon. Close your eyes and embody the sacred spirit of the Lotus. As in a gentle dance, allow your tongue to mingle with the air element, through the delicate movements of upward stretches and circular motions. Stretch the tongue to touch the roof of your mouth, and hold it for five breath cycles. Release gently and return the tongue to its resting state. Repeat this mellifluous dance several times, ushering a healing flow of Prana, the life-force, to the Styloglossus muscle.

The celebration of Namaste is complete with botanic elixirs born from Mother Gaia’s generous bosom. As a complement to our yoga practice for an ailing Styloglossus, there exist in nature’s generous apothecary remedies echoing with ancient wisdom. From the abundant chest of Ayurveda springs forth the healing power of Turmeric. This golden dust, once ground from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant, is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. A simple but potent concoction for our dear muscle comprises a spoonful of Manuka Honey, a dash of black pepper to augment the absorption of curcumin, Turmeric’s active compound, and a warm nourishing base of herbal tea.

Favored by our ancestors, reflexology is another lauded healing modality. Underneath the canopy of starlight, our sacred feet nestle against Mother Earth, connecting channels of healing energy. The reflex point for the Styloglossus lies beautifully within our feet, a mirror of our bodies and souls. Using your thumb, gentle press and massage this area, located between the pad of your big toe and the second toe, alternating between gentle presses and circular movements. Envision the flow of healing energy up your body, meeting and soothing your sore Styloglossus muscle.

Nature, our most divine healer, includes in her verde mantle, an assortment of aromatic herbs singing with healing prowess. To pacify our dear Styloglossus, we introduce a gargling mixture of Chamomile and Sage. These two gentle warriors of health, with their soothing and antibacterial properties respectively, create a comforting blend to cradle our inflamed muscle. Allow the spiritual whisperings of these plants to gently infuse your water under the watchful eye of the moon. As the sun greets the divine blue, indulge in a nurturing gargle with this concoction, to assist further in the peaceful healing of the Styloglossus.

Gentle Souls, embarking on this journey of healing demands patience, persistence, and faith in our inner divinity and Mother Nature’s ceaseless care. As we integrate these healing practices into our communal living, our shared suffering is alleviated, allowing us to dance more fluidly in the divine rhythm of our yogic path. May this humble share serve as a guide, an act of love, propagating the eternal flame of collective healing, and reflecting the infinite wisdom of the Eastern spiritual practices that ground our shared experience here in our Eden sanctuary. Well wishes on your path, and may this pain become but a distant memory, a reminder of your body’s innate capacity to heal, and your soul’s infinite reservoir of resilience and peace.

Light and love to your journey dear sisters, Namaste.

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