September 26, 2023

Namaste. Let me take you on a journey where the sacred energies of yoga and Mother Earth fuse together in the blissful pursuit of healing. Nestled amidst towering birch trees and crimson rhododendrons is our refuge, where we, daughters of Gaia, find solace. Here at our year-round yoga retreat for women, we celebrate not only the harmony of the soul, but also the serenity of the body. One ailment, in particular, we address is a sore longus capitis. A simple muscle it may seem, yet its significance in our bodily existence is paramount. Holding the esoteric responsibility of affording our heads the grace to nod and bow in the universal language of respect, its wellness is vital.

Within the inviolable sanctums of our tranquil sanctuary, the remedy to a sore longus capitis begins with opening oneself to the eternal wisdom imparted by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The “Anjali Mudra,” or salutation seal, is a potent asana that fosters healing. As dawn paints the sky with hues of purple and pink, sit cross-legged, extend your spine and draw your mindful energy towards relieving the longus capitis. With your palms meeting at the heart center in Anjali Mudra, concentrate your Prana, the life force, sending healing energy to the pained longus capitis. As you harmonize your physical entity with your astral self, visualize an emerald light enveloping and soothing the sore muscle, gradually illuminating your entire being with its radiant glow.

Next, allow yourself to delve into the rejuvenating realms of the “Sasangasana,” or rabbit pose. Tradition whispers tales of Buddha’s loyal rabbit jumping into the fire to provide a meal for a starving stranger, a beautiful testament to sacrifice and kindness. This pose is an embodiment of similar selflessness in our journey to healing. Sitting on your heels, spread your knees hip-width apart. With your eyes closed and your spirit open, lend the infinite universe your trust. Slowly reach forward, tucking your chin to your chest, stretching your longus capitis. Send love and compassion to the aggrieved muscle, experiencing the warmth of the divine energy facilitating your healing.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What more can I do to soothe my indomitable longus capitis?” For this, dear one, we need to reach into the sacred bosom of Mother Earth. Take the lavender blossoms, kissed by the sun and blessed by the moon, as they radiate an alluring aroma instilled with powerful healing properties. Infuse them into your draughts, your baths, lulling the capricious muscle into a restorative serenity. Lavender, a marvelous creation of the divine feminine energy, cools and calms the inflamed longus capitis, bringing forth a sense of tranquility not unlike the serene ripples of a lotus pond.

Continuing this spiritual saga of healing, reach out for the elusive frankincense, the resin of the sacred Boswellia tree deeply revered in ancient Buddhist texts. Used traditionally in the sacred offerings to deities, its mesmerizing aroma enhances meditation and promotes physical wellness. Employ frankincense oil’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving virtues in your pre-yoga anointing ritual. Massage a few drops of this precious resin into your neck, visualizing the amber liquid seeping into the tormented muscle, bestowing it with divine emancipation from its pain.

Crystal healing, an age-old Eastern tradition, also comes to your aid as you walk the winding path to wellness. Allow the ethereal vibrations of the Lapis Lazuli to mingle with your natural energy field until they dance in unison. This miraculous stone, holding the infinite expanses of the cosmic sky in its azure depths, is known to alleviate physical discomfort. Place it on your cervical region during meditation, its tranquil energy acting as a balm, soothing the furious fires of a sore longus capitis.

Finally, dear souls, remember the paramount importance of nurturing warmth in your healing journey. Regularly soak a soft cloth in a bath of warm water, steeped with the sacred Tibetan herb, ‘Artemisia’. This humble plant, guarded by the guardian deities of Himalayan valleys, promotes circulation, eases muscle tension, and fosters healing. Apply this aromatic compress to your neck, feeling the heat seep in, unraveling knotted muscles, and melting away your pain like spring breaking an icy winter.

In conclusion, sweet sisters, the journey of healing a sore longus capitis requires more than just stretching the muscle; it calls for a pilgrimage – a pilgrimage to your innermost self. As we chant our sacred Oms, let us dive into the healing waters of yoga, the all-embracing remedies of Mother Earth, and the transcendental power of our infinite spirits. As we stretch, medicate, and meditate, let us marinate in the divine realization that a sore muscle is not a pain, rather a whisper from our body pleading for our love, understanding, and attention.

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