November 30, 2023

From the sacred boughs of the verdant forest that cradle our haven of healing, I impart a morsel of wisdom from an ancient tapestry of knowledge rooted in the timeless bosom of Mother Earth. This wisdom illuminates the path towards relief and rejuvenation of an often overlooked, yet central aspect of our corporeal temples – the external oblique abdominis. It unfurls as an elastic sheath along the flanks of our torsos, cradling our abdomen and lower chest in a benevolent embrace. When strained or injured, the pulsing pain that it radiates disrupts our harmony with the life energies of the universe, generating an impatient yearning for restoration and balance.

The genesis of the remedy I offer is steeped in the teachings of Yoga, a spiritual discipline that originated from the vibrant heartland of Bharat, or India, as it is known in the western world. The essence of Yoga is a dance of fluid movements and serpentine postures, reverberating in a symphony with the inner rhythm of Prana – the life force that courses through our veins, animating us with the vibrant spirit of existence.

To alleviate the torment of a tender external oblique abdominis, I proffer a serene yogic mantra – Naukasana, or the Boat Pose. To commence this celestial journey towards healing, find your roots in a seated posture, legs extended, allowing Earth's energy to permeate your being. Allow your breath to flow rhythmically, in obedience to the universal pulse of life. Gently, bend your knees and lift your feet, feeling the sweet current of resistance in your obliques as you balance on your sit bones. Extend your arms parallel to the ground, fingers reaching out towards the vastness of the universe. In this pose, you are the boat navigating the cosmic sea, powered by the potent engine of your resilient obliques. Transition slowly amongst the waves, leaning back, extending legs until your body forms a 'V' – a tribute to the infinite sky. Attempt to maintain this pose for a handful of soothing, deep breaths, gradually expanding your endurance as the sunrises and sunsets mark the rhythmic passage of time.

However, like the Eastern philosophy's recognition of the interconnectedness of all life, the healing process is a holistic endeavor, intertwining various strands of natural remedies. To pacify the inflamed muscles further, I advocate the application of the warm, fragrant poultice of turmeric. Revered as 'The Spice of Life', turmeric is cherished in Siddha medicine, the ancient Tamil healing system, for its potency in reducing chronic inflammation. Its rich, golden essence imbued with curcumin, a bioactive compound, diminishes the pain and swelling with miraculous efficacy.

A regimen of hydration also becomes pivotal in your quest towards wellness. The herbal infusion of delicate chamomile blossoms, swirling in the crystalline purity of water, can weave a potent magic. Sourced from nature's bountiful palette, chamomile is a humble yet potent herb with a soothing, tranquil effect on the muscle spasms and discomfort in your obliques.

Lastly, never underestimate the transcendental power of meditation. Through the rhythmic cadence of your breath, envision a cascade of healing energy washing over your obliques, dissolving the tension knots, carrying away the discomfort with each exhalation. With the third eye, visualize your obliques bathed in a warm, golden light, mending and rejuvenating as they bask in this celestial glow.

In these invaluable nuggets of wisdom gifted to us by our ancestors, echoes the resounding truth that healing is not a temporary fix, but a journey towards balance and unity—Embark on this expedition with faith and patience, honoring your external oblique abdominis as an essential component of your divine physical form. Let it remind you that in pain, there lies a promise of growth, a potent catalyst for transformation, directing us back to harmony with our authentic selves and the universe's ethereal rhythm.

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