February 25, 2024

With the first discerning light of day caressing the tranquil surface of dew-kissed clusters of viburnum flowers that guard the sacred retreat, I, the humble servant of the infinite, eternal cosmos, find a sacred symbiosis with Mata Prithvi, our mother earth. Among the haunting labyrinths of silence, today, I am revered with the opportunity to expound upon the sacred rites of healing venerated in the ancient Vedic script, aimed at appeasing the sore intercostals innermost, those unseen muscles that reside within our corporeal temples.

The harmonious symmetry of nature and the subtle architecture of our physical vessels begin to reveal themselves, slowly shedding light on the profound relationship that souring intercostals innermost shares with our spiritual and physical balance. Known as ‘Prana-Vaha-Nadis’ in the enigmatic aphorisms of Sanskrit, these muscles serve as conduits for Prana, our vital life force. Connecting each rib to its brother, they move with us, contracting and relaxing, creating a graceful dance of our breath, the eternal ebb and flow of life.

To offer relief to sore Prana-Vaha-Nadis, it is important to open channels of energy through carefully crafted yogic practice. An inviting salutation to our beloved celestial father, Surya Namaskar, with its series of twelve powerful asanas, weaved with rhythmic inhales and exhales, kindles a beacon of positive energy deep within the body that travels through the matrix of Nadis, stretching the intercostals, and soothing the pain. Alongside, matsya-asana, or the Fish Pose, and bhujanga-asana, the Cobra Pose, could add a therapeutic rhythm, amplifying the healing process.

Yet, Yoga, as the spiritual descendants of the ancient Rishis of the mysterious Himalayan forests have taught us, is just part of this sacred dance. Natural remedies, praised in the ageless scripture of Ayurveda, are equally crucial in healing our intercostals innermost. For centuries, the Yogi-sages have revered the mystical properties of cold-pressed sesame oil infused with herbs such as comfrey (known in Sanskrit as ‘Sahadevi’), a natural emollient, blessed with the ability to rejuvenate tired muscles.

Furthermore, the rhythmic throb of sore Prana-Vaha-Nadis unleashes an enthralling call for a bond with our sacred selves, guided by mindful meditation and an introspective exploration of self. The mendicant Buddha preached, “Suno Bhai Sadho,” meaning “listen, oh seekers!” – thus emphasizing the power of compassionate observation of self, and silent discourse with the source of our being. A foretelling alignment of our spiritual and physical energies restored through the practice of Anapana-Sati or mindfulness of breath.

Another promising organisation of infinity is ‘Swastika-bhava,’ a natural impulse to purge the physical body of toxins through a detox diet. A balanced meal of satvik food – mellow in spices, rich in vibrantly colored fruits from the bosom of mother earth, pulses, nuts, seeds, and the grain of the field blessed by Surya, can assist in this cleansing process, aiding the healing of the sore intercostals innermost.

Lastly, the divine alignment with the cosmic energies transcends the physical and intermingles with the celestial, spiraling within the natural rhythms of life itself. Embrace the compassionate celestial energies through the chants of sacred mantras, lulling the out of tune Prana-Vaha-Nadis back to harmony. The chant of the ‘Gayatri Mantra’, the solar healing hymn, or the ‘Mahamrityunjaya Mantra’, the great death-conquering mantra, are radiant musical pieces that reach deep within, calming the cellular chaos, fostering healing.

The path of healing is not merely physical rehabilitation. It is an intimate call for reunification with the essential nature, an unveiling of the present consciousness, and aligning the physical with the ethereal. As we navigate these healing paths, we allow space for the sore Prana-Vaha-Nadis to heal, to dance on the melody of life again- and with that dance, the intercostals innermost find their rhythm, resonating with the eternal, cosmic pulse.

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