February 25, 2024

Greetings, my dear sisters of the Soul, from the heart-filled hills of the Comna Viosaka retreat! Here, in the embrace of Mother Nature, we are reminded daily of the body’s innate power to heal and rejuvenate itself. Today, I’d like to share a profound journey of healing for those experiencing discomfort in an often-overlooked muscle – the levator scapulae.

Located at the upper side of your neck, the levator scapulae play a crucial role in head and neck movement. Those residing in the magnificent state of Maine, particularly the bustling city of Portland, often share with me their battles with strains in this area, usually a result of long hours hunched over their devices or stress.

One pose that can work wonders for this tension is the Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I). This pose not only helps to combat the pain but also strengthens your shoulders, arms, and the areas around the neck. As you raise your arms and gently shift your gaze upwards in the Warrior I pose, you nurture your levator scapulae by stretching and strengthening it, promoting circulation, and releasing pent-up tension.

While yoga asanas provide relief and healing to our physical selves, it’s equally important to soothe our senses and create a calming ambience for a holistic healing experience. The power of aromatherapy cannot be underestimated in this regard. Essential oils like Lavender and Eucalyptus are wonderful allies in this journey. Lavender, with its calming properties, helps reduce muscle tension, while Eucalyptus’s refreshing aroma is known to ease muscle pain.

Anointing a few drops of these essential oils onto your pulse points or diffusing them in your practice space will envelop you in a cocoon of tranquility, paving the way for a deeper connection with your body and improved healing.

While the blend of movement and aromas begins the healing process, the application of Panadiol cream can do wonders in relieving muscle stress. This potent mixture of CBD and Emu oil has been revered by many for its soothing properties. The unique combination of CBD, with its anti-inflammatory benefits, along with the deep penetration of Emu oil, can effectively aid in healing muscle strain.

Applying a moderate amount of this cream onto your levator scapulae before your practice prepares the muscle for movement by reducing stiffness. Even after the session, another round of application will help maintain the muscle’s relaxation. By incorporating this into your regular routine, you will help your aching muscle heal much quicker.

At Comna Viosaka, we firmly believe in the intuitive resonance of our bodies with natural healing methods. Combining movement in yoga, the therapeutic power of essential oils, and the topical relief from products like Panadiol cream, we create a harmonious healing environment for all our retreated sisters.

So, my dear souls, remember that each of our bodies is a profound temple of well-being. Listen to it, and respond with gentle nurture as you immerse yourself in this lifelong journey of wellness. It is time to reclaim your vitality and most importantly, honor your well-being.

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