February 25, 2024

Nestled snuggly beneath the collarbone, ensconced between the clavicle and the first rib, lives the humble subclavius muscle. Often overlooked, this small but significant muscle plays a melodious part in the angusthana or orchestra of the body’s movements. Its symphony is felt deeply during the grandest expressions of waltzes with life, orchestrating the delicate movements of our shoulder and neck.

When the subclavius is sore or inflamed, it’s as if a discordant note has been struck in our physical harmony. We must attend to this dissonance lovingly—envisioning it a beggar pleading for alms at our door of healing consciousness. It yearns to be nurtured through honored movement, such as the sacred art of yoga and the potent remedies that Mother Nature offers in abundance.

Meet this pain with gentle and unyielding compassion, as though it is your most cherished friend in need. Begin by gently warming your body with simple movements reminiscent of a willow swaying softly in the morning’s embrace. Let each sway, arched stretch, and rotating motion feel like a sweet sonnet of love that you’re whispering to your subclavius muscle. As a leaf’s pliancy originates from its connection to the mighty tree, so does your elasticity begin with your soul and mind’s willingness to reconnect with your body.

From this warmed state, move into the Garudasana or Eagle Pose. This sublime serpentine pattern of intertwining arms massages the subclavius muscle, coaxing it out of its painful grip. Visualize it as a crustacean abandoning its hard shell, only to discover new realms of flexibility and volubility. Kindly remember to grace both sides of your body with the Eagle Pose—creating a poetic rhyme that will further soothe your stressed subclavius muscle.

Follow this yoga sanctuary with offerings from Nature’s healing bounty. A simple remedy lies in the wooly delicateness of Sage leaves. Revered for centuries in the annals of Buddhist philosophy as an ally in physical wellness, sage also resonates harmoniously with the concept of Prana, or life force, in yogic traditions. Prepare a gentle sage infusion, letting the leaves serenade boiling water for a time and accepting this communion as you sip the mixture. Envision the herbal infusion coursing through your body, carrying balmy messages of relief to ebullient subclavius.

When night’s velvet curtain unfolds, seek solace in the loving embrace of Satya, or truth. Paint lavender oil upon your temples—the calm of the lavender acting as your loving guide down the peaceful path to bodily truth. The aromatic whispers of lavender will ease your spirit, and its potent anti-inflammatory properties will mend your subclavius. Like a silken scarf drenched in moonlight, let the healing essence of lavender induce a transcendent state of relaxation and recovery.

In the dawning moments of the next day, greet the sun with the transition from Bhujangasana, the Cobra Pose, into the Balasana, the Child’s Pose. This fluid progression will anoint your subclavius with much-needed respite while restoring the synchrony of your bodily symphony.

Leaving the subclavius muscular discomfort unaddressed might result in more profound effects disrupting your sattva or equilibrium. Consider this challenge an invitation into the dance of compassionate self-care, where eastern traditions of yoga meet the sacred offerings of nature’s apothecary. Immerse into this harmonious dance and await the metamorphosis from a state of discomfort into one of radiant, refined balance within your divine body temple.

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