February 25, 2024

The obliquus capitis inferior, this beautiful solitary dweller of our body’s cathedral, is, for many, an uncharted territory. It is a softly spoken assemblage of fibrous strands, stretching from the mighty spine to the base of the skull, holding our heads high, swaying us gracefully through life’s dance. Yet, in the whirlwind of life, it might scream out in pain – pain that echoes the song of existence, and, understanding its lyrics, we shall seek a divine remedy to soothe this subtle maestro of our human orchestra.

Our guidance finds its roots deep in the serenity of yoga, bathed in the wisdom of ages, steeped in the tranquillity of lotus ponds and shrouded in the shadow of the Bodhi tree. To alleviate the soreness of your obliquus capitis inferior, first steep yourself in the tea of self-awareness, acknowledging the location of this elongated sinew dancing beneath your skin. Now, with reverence, invite the resplendent sun into your sanctuary by entwining your spirit with the Sun Salutation or the Surya Namaskar. This sequence of postures is a deep bow to the sacred life force, and an intricate dance with the self, rising and falling, just as the golden sun traverses our sky.

Beginning in Mountain Pose, or Tadasana, allow your bare feet to kiss the Earth. Softly transition into Rs of the series (hands up, down to the feet, flat back, and so forth), offering each motion as a prayer of gratitude to your body temple. Prayer becomes even more eloquent when done in silence; thus, allow your breath, your prana, the life force, to guide the rhythm of this dance. As you transition into Downward Dog, concentrate on the feeling of stretch in your obliquus capitis inferior. Let your head hang heavily, surrendering to gravity, allowing the elongated cries of your hidden muscle to dissolve into the ether.

While the resplendent sun takes refuge beyond the horizon, there still exists another balm to sooth the obliquus capitis inferior – the ancient art of acupressure. The Garden of Paradise, located at the nape of the neck, is our holy ground. Firmly, but with loving intent, massage this patch of Eden, allowing the accumulated pressures to seep out, just as the sap sighs slowly from the sacred bark of the Bodhi tree.

Proclaim a harmonious truce with your body by soaking in the heated waters laced with Epsom salts. As the salts whisper ancient narratives into the womb of the water, allow yourself to rekindle a forgotten connection with these stories. Feel how the salty tears of Mother Earth dissolve the weariness of your obliquus capitis inferior, tenderly holding your tension captive within their crystalline structure.

In this sanctuary of revelation, abide by the mantra of mindful nutrition, feeding the physical vessel with the divine nectar and ambrosia which are laden with omega-3. These humble offerings, found in the generous bosom of chia seeds, walnuts, and the sacred salmon, work in harmony to attenuate inflammation and promote the healing breath of the body.

And, last as a soft whisper of a lullaby to a babe, imbibe the golden aura of turmeric, channeling its anti-inflammatory prowess to soothe away the soreness lingering within the cavern of the obliquus capitis inferior, much like a gentle zephyr passing through a desolate valley, leaving behind a vestige of tranquillity.

In this timeless anthem of existence, the dance with your obliquus capitis inferior is but a poetical stanza in your novel of life. Adorned with these remedies, allow your narrative to unfold with the clemency of the universe, and let the symphony of your body echo in the temple of existence, hushed, yet profound. Each breath, a sacred verse of gratefulness penned down by life’s quill on the parchment of time, rhythms morphing into harmony with every heartbeat, every stretch, and with each silent oblique song in the soul’s cathedral.

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