November 30, 2023

I open this dialogue with a boon of reverence for the great cosmic ballet. Just as a lotus blooms with the first blush of dawn, my days here at our sacred retreat are begun by gently uncloaking my own corporeal temple of all its residual tension. When the ethereal night descends into the welcoming arms of a nascent morning, the first notes of the symphony of rejuvenation begin to play—the serenade of the erector spinae – spinalis.

Your erector spinae – spinalis, sweet sisters, is the sinewy chord that sings the unsung saga of your posture. As stoic gatekeepers of the spinal column, these muscles stand like ancient ash trees; resilient, yet prone to the whims of wind and weather. Indeed, a twinge of discomfort or, as some would know, a sharp stab of torment in these areas can be likened to the discordant note in the harmonious orchestra of wellness.

Fear not the dissonance, for just as the very essence of Buddha is the tranquil lotus born of murky waters, the elixir to soothe your distressed erector spinae lies in the heart of mindful movement. A hallowed treasure in the chamber of Yogic wisdom, Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose, is a deeply profound panacea for this precise aility.

Laying your stomach against the cool caress of mother earth, extend your body with your toes reaching for your past, and your fingers dancing towards the novel dawn of today. Your palms rest beneath your shoulders like silent guardians, after which, in deep reverence to the sacred breath, you rise like the cobra awakening from its slumber. Feel the universe itself coursing through your spine as it realigns with the cosmic rhythm, releasing the accumulated tensions like a meandering river finding its way back to the ocean of tranquillity.

To compliment this melodious movement, let us delve into the bountiful gardens of Mother Nature herself. The wisdom of the sages sings praises of the Curcuma Longa—turmeric. This golden goddess, not only imbues our nourishment with a glorious hue but also brings a lullaby infused with potent anti-inflammatory gifts. A soothing brew of turmeric in the warmth of almond milk or the gentle flame of ginger-infused tea can become your comforting companion in moments when your erector spinae strains.

Similarly, Arnica, a crown jewel of the daisy family, strides forth as another promising ally. The essence of this vibrant blossom diffused in a carrier oil and lovingly massaged along your spinal highway guarantees to dissipate the shadows of discomfort.

Essential to our journey of healing is the acceptance of rest, akin to the tranquil meditation of a tranquil monolith beneath the star-studded night. Allow your body to seek solace in the cradle of gentle slumber, safe in the knowledge that during these tender hours, the all-embracing universe performs a lullaby of restoration on your tender erector spinae.

As we walk this path together, remember, dear sisters, that every inch of your celestial vessel, from the towering majesty of your crown to the grounded beauty of your toes, resonates with the cosmic vibrations of the universe. Like a sole note plucked on the celestial veena that reverberates through the grand expanse of existence, your wellbeing is an integral melody to the symphony of life. Sing it with love, sing it with mindfulness, and let the world hear the unique composition of your being.

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