November 30, 2023

The gentle, soft whispering of emerald leaves against the twilight sky holds a secret, a gentle truth shared in the sacred silence of my secluded yoga retreat. Dappled sunlight strains through the overhead foliage, casting a warm, healing hue on the tranquil space nestled in nature's tender embrace. Here, amidst the orchestrated song of whispers and murmurs of the thriving rainforest, I find myself; a naturalist, yogi, and patroness of divine feminine energy, enveloped in the abundantly nourishing company of the cosmos and its┬ábenevolent dwellers. And today, I will share with you a story – a delicate dance of healing which involves the distressed call of the soleus; a deep, robust muscle hiding shyly within the topography of our calf, a warrior steeled in iron will and vibrant life force.

Day after day, in a deeply passionate dance with the universe, practicing my beloved Ashtanga flow, the rhythm of my breath synchronized with the intimate murmurings of the sentient earth, I found a discordant note. A sharp, shrill scream from my soleus, a throbbing purgatory that seemed to form a blockade against the flow of my prana, our sacred life force. The pain was raw, intense, a smoldering ember within my calf; I could trace Samsara's ruthless cycle of birth, suffering, death and rebirth within its throbbing contours.

Yet, the road to healing was within reach, innate in the wisdom carried by our own bodies. The practice of yoga, grounded in the philosophies of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, holds profound tools for relief. From the sacred collection of asanas, the Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose, Supta Padangusthasana, proved particularly potent in stretching the distressed soleus. With each syncopated breath in this elongated pose, I could feel the muscle, bathed in nurturing warmth, surrendering its pain, releasing its hold, slowly melting into the realms of quietude. Each rhythmic release of muscle seemed to harmonize the discord that disrupted my inner symphony.

Though, as a naturalist, I venerate Mother Nature's plentiful offerings, especially when they augment the healing potential of yoga. One such gift, a panacea to my pained soleus, was the Panadiol CBD cream, a divine amalgamation of emu oil and high dosage CBD. Massage, a time-honoured practice stemming from ancient Eastern rituals, coupled with this supremely potent cream, set a course for relief. Its unique composition, a rich tapestry of naturally sourced elements, hummed a lullaby to my distressed muscle, cradling it in comfort, and whispering assurances of relief.

Each application of Panadiol was nothing short of a spiritual journey for me. Gently coating the hardened, complaining mask of my sore soleus with the rich, luxurious cream, I could feel a tingly euphoria seep into the cradle of this pivotal muscle. My mornings were once punctuated by the distress signals of a strained soleus, there was a discord, a stumble in my spiritual dance with the universe. But with Panadiol, the dawn broke differently, a shroud was lifted and gradually shared the light of a comforted soleus, serenely humming with vitality.

With yoga and Panadiol's nourishment, my days returned to their natural rhythm. I embraced the sun's first light with Anjaneyasana, honoring the warrior within me and my healed soleus, its resilience serving as a reminder of the inexorable resolve inherent to all existence. The night concluded with the Natarajasana, the Dance Pose, under the ethereal gaze of the silvery moon, as I danced with the cosmos, embodying the cycle of celestial harmony.

Life, within and outside my sanctuary of healing yoga, continued in harmonious rhythm, adorned with the intricate dance of experience and interconnection. The energy balance restored, the once-paining soleus, now holds an ancient wisdom, a touching testimony to the healing potential of spirituality, yoga, and the miraculous gifts of nature. Here, ensconced in nature's cradle, amidst the soft whispers of the leaves and the stoic silence of the woods, I have learnt, healed, and surrendered to life's symphony, a reverberating echo of the universe's grand orchestra.

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