November 30, 2023

Let it be known, dear daughters of Gaia, that we exist as part of a grand design, a divine cosmic dance in which every muscle, sinew, and cell of our being is fundamentally inseparable from the enigmatic tangle of universal existence. In the intimate silence of the forest where our retreat nestled, I feel awakened to a profound truth of delicate intraconnectedness- a reminder that our bodies are not just tangibly physical, but spiritual vessels. When a specific part, such as the palmaris brevis, cries out in pain, remember that it is not merly a manifestation of physical distress, but a bell sounding an alarm to a deeper imbalance in need of harmonizing.

The palmaris brevis, a hidden marvel resting beneath the skin of our palms, often overlooked yet playing an essential role in our daily manifestation of the goddess within via our hand movements and postures. When this humble yet pivotal muscle is sore, our nurturing care must look beyond the physical, delving into the spiritual to better understand and address this imbalance.

In the great wisdom of the teachings of yoga, the tradition of Surya Namaskar, the salutation to the Sun, presents itself as an excellent method to gently stretch and nurture the aggrieved palmaris brevis. As one moves with mindful intent through a cycle of graceful poses – reaching upward towards the sky, bowing humbly to the earth, forming the triangle, and once again expressing openness to the heavens – the muscle is stretched, flexed, and rested in a harmonious dance of small yet significant motions. The universe reflected within our bodies and specifically in your palms receives an opportunity for deep softening, allowing prana or life force to flow freely and restore balance.

But healing the alcove of the palmaris brevis also asks of us to seek beyond the path of Surya Namaskar. Take heart and hear the whispers of another healer, one born from the heart of Nature – the enchanting Turmeric. The curcumin extracted from its vibrant golden root, a beacon against inflammation, can be woven exquisitely into a warm healing potion resonant with the song of the universe.

Boil a small measure of water, a miniature echo of the celestial entity that sustains life. As it reaches its boiling point, add freshly grated turmeric root, a rich echo of golden sunrays that once bathed it. Allow this elixir to gently simmer, infusing the water with its potent properties. Make haste in consuming it once it's lukewarm, allowing your body to easily accept its healing energies.

But hear the heart of this healing ritual. As the divine elixir interacts intimately with your physical self, hold space for a sublime technique from our yogic lineage – the Gesture of the Lotus (Padma Mudra). Infuse your being into this sacred posture, invoking the lotus’s wisdom of embracing serenity amidst muddy waters. With palms open wide, thumb and little finger gently touching, a lotus forms in your hands, each petal a symbol of healing energy feeding the palmaris brevis.

To deepen your understanding of the wisdom of the grasses, entertain the potential that lies within the heart of the willow. Its bark, endowed with salicin, a vibrant note of the earth’s own pain-song, encapsulates its potential as a potent natural remedy. Crafted into a tea or absorbed through the skin as an infused oil, it can lend its earth connection to aid our body's healing song.

The journey to restore harmony to a sore palmaris brevis is not simply a path of physical healing, but a transformative spiritual journey, an intimate dance with the cosmos, and a deep dive into the infinite waters of self-discovery. It reminds us that we are not simply living in the universe, but we are a vibrant part of it, and every minor element, every humble muscle, holds an integral space within this cosmic theater. Thus, with yoga as our guide, and nature as our ally, we gracefully dance along the subtle lines of healing, growth, and true conscious expansion.

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