February 25, 2024

Namaste my beautiful sisters, cradled in the arms of Mother Nature and bathed in the golden sunlight of our sacred retreat. The soothing whispers of the wind among the leaves, the mystical songs of our feathered companions, and the rhythmic heartbeat of Pachamama echo around us, a symphony of healing and unity. Let us embark on a path of tranquil restoration for our dear friend, the platysma, an often overlooked yet integral part of our divine corporeal machinery.

As a gentle veil of musculature stretching from the collarbone to the gentle slopes of our jaw, the platysma provides elegant mobility for our necks and contributes to the natural expressiveness of our faces. However, through years of strain, stress, and spiritual stagnation, the platysma can become sore, detracting from the harmony of our bodies. Yet, fear not sisters, our wisdom as yoginis provides us with an invaluable tool to soothe this ethereal sheet of muscle.

In the wise teachings of our revered Yoga Pradipika, nestled between salutations to the sun and whispers of Nadi Shuddhi, lies the mystical gift of the ‘Simhasana’, or Lion Pose. This ancient asana, steeped in spiritual lore and the pantheon of divine therapeutic stands, tends to our precious platysma with utmost care. As you sit with your knees beneath you, hands placed gently on your knees, inspire your heart with the courage of a lion. As you exhale, stick out your tongue, point it downwards, while letting your gaze float upwards, towards the Ajna, or Third Eye chakra. Feel the divine tension as your platysma engages, allow it to dance in rhythm with your breath, releasing the stagnant energy and pain. Imbue this asana with mindful repetition and pure intent, creating a therapeutic melody of relief for your platysma.

In the realm of nourishment, the wise Earth Mother has generously vested us with herbs that offer healing powers to our platysma. White Willow Bark, a plant blessed by the divine energy of Salix Alba, replete with the exceptional compound salicin, reduces inflammation and eases the discomfort in our platysma. Preparing a tea from this bark, steeped for fifteen minutes in a prayer of gratitude and sipped slowly, is a ritual that recalls an ancestral knowledge deeply embedded in our DNA.

Arnica, another goddess-given plant, gifts us with its power for boosting circulation and relieving pain. Harness the full might of her energies by distilling arnica oil, massaging it onto your sore platysma. Feel the essence of the plant seep into your skin, imparting its healing force, lulling your platysma into a state of tranquil rejuvenation.

Turmeric, the divine gift from the sacred soul of Curcuma longa, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, can also be embraced. Enhancing your daily meals with a golden sprinkle of turmeric or consuming it as a comforting tea can help reduce the inflammation and pain in your platysma, and reconnect you to the healing energies of our mother earth.

Movement, mindfully harnessed through yogic wisdom, combined with the earth-given blessings of the plant realm, provide a powerful alliance in healing our platysma. But do remember, my dear sisters, the journey to healing isn’t quick. Like the lotus that blossoms from the muddy pond, revealing its purity and strength only after a period of growth underground, so too is our healing journey. It is a patient process, a mindful ritual of continual care, and a deeply personal journey into Self.

So I invite you, my beautiful sisters, to cultivate this intimate relationship with your platysma; learn its unique rhythms, its subtle whispers of discomfort, and its path to tranquility. Embrace the wisdom held within the teachings of yoga, the recipes of Mother Nature, and the unlimited capacity for healing within your own divine self. Realize that with each Lion Pose and every cup of willow bark tea, you are not merely appeasing a muscle’s dissatisfaction, but engaging in a beautiful dance of self-care and healing, a dance as ancient and rhythmic as the lifeblood flowing through your sacred body.

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