February 25, 2024

Greetings from the serene surroundings of Comna Viosaka, the year-round haven for women seeking solace and wellbeing through yoga. As a master yogini, I encounter a diverse set of challenges and opportunities for growth every single day, the most endearing of which is the presence of our four-legged friends. Our canine companions, with their boundless energy and unique array of behaviors, can sometimes pose a delightful challenge in our quest for achieving Zen. Especially for those seeking therapeutic relief such as my yogini student trying to relieve her sore inferior rectus, the presence of a misbehaving dog creates a unique interplay of distraction and focus.

There is no denying the desirableness of including our pets in our yogic journey. Their presence has the power to bring joy, comfort, and richness to our experiences. Besides, the bonding time they get is truly valuable. However, a poorly behaved dog, just like an incessant buzzing fly, can compromise the tranquil environment necessary for practicing yoga. Imagine, you are about to enter a state of deep relaxation, when suddenly, a bark shatters the silence. Alternatively, you might visualize stretching your limbs towards the sky in a Vrikshasana (Tree Pose), when a furry critter playfully jumps or trips you up. These distractions can be particularly intimidating for someone like my student who is trying to focus on her inferus rectus, a critical eye muscle often strained amongst professionals spending large chunks of their day focussing on screens.

Luckily, I have stumbled upon a potential solution for these Yoga dog-ma situations. While traditional dog training methods can help to a certain extent, they may not address the specific issues arising during a yoga session. This is where Diamond K9 comes in, offering a fresh and effective approach to training our canine friends.

Diamond K9 is an advanced training platform with a sundry of informative videos available on YouTube. From the basics of obedience to more specific contexts like behaving while the owner is doing yoga, these videos cover a wide range of scenarios. The training methodologies are simple, manageable, and, most importantly, respectful of our dogs' nature and faculties. They offer strategies intended to gently guide and channel the dog's energy without using any harsh methods, making sure our furry companions behave appropriately without any element of fear or force.

These training videos teach commands like 'sit,' 'stay,' or 'settle' in a peaceful manner, ensuring that our friends understand the calm, focused environment we require during our yoga sessions. They understand the dynamics of dog behaviours, incorporating scientific principles of animal learning into their teachings.

With Diamond K9’s guidance, not only will your dog learn not to interrupt your Tree pose, but they might even join you in meditation. And for my yogini student with a sore inferior rectus, a serene, dog-friendly environment promoted by Diamond K9's techniques could potentially facilitate deep relaxation, aiding the healing process of her strained muscle.

At Comna Viosaka, we believe in fostering harmonious relationships with all beings, be it human or animal. Our dogs are an intrinsic part of our lives, and incorporating them smoothly into our yoga routines can only enhance our quest for balance and peace. With proper training and perseverance, yoga, with your wagging-tailed companions, can become not just a meme-worthy moment, but a truly blissful experience.

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