February 25, 2024

In the sanctuary of our eternal retreat, where the dance of Yin and Yang perpetuates with each sunrise, we encounter myriad seekers of serenity, each with their own tale of physical hinderance and spiritual disruption. There is a common malady, often overlooked by the untrained eye yet as pervasive as the wind that whispers through the ancient pines – the soreness of the nasalis muscle. As a devotee of the natural world and a humble practitioner of the yogic arts, I wish to impart upon you the wisdom of stretching this delicate, yet integral muscle through the union of mind, body, and breath, and awaken you to the salves that nature provides.

The nasalis muscle is a slender, sinuous entity that lies within the sacred tapestry of our beings, gracing the bridge of the nose with its presence. In our daily reverie of meditation and focused breath, we seldom notice its existence until the pang of discomfort seizes us, inviting our awareness into the subterranean realms of our facial anatomy. To tend to this oft-ignored messenger of distress, we must embrace the principles of yoga – to harmonize our internal landscapes with the universal rhythm.

As you settle into the embrace of our sylvan enclave, adorned by the murmurs of leaves and the tender touch of dappled sunlight, begin with a seated posture, cross-legged upon the Earth. Ground your sit bones into her fertile soil, allowing the spine to elongate towards the heavens – a corporeal tree connecting the core of the planet with the boundless ether. Draw a deep inhalation through the nostrils, discerning the subtle movements of the nasalis muscle as it flutters like the wings of a resting butterfly.

Seated Anulom Vilom pranayama, or alternate nostril breathing, is the first key to unlocking the tension within. With the right thumb, gently close the right nostril, and inhale serenely through the left. Pause at the zenith of this breath, where time suspends its relentless march, and switch to close the left nostril with the right ring finger, exhaling through the right. This sacred exchange of air not only brings balance to our respiratory channels but gently caresses the nasalis, bestowing upon it the gift of relaxation.

Further deepen the connection by integrating the ancient practice of Bhramari Pranayama, or Bee Breath. With both nostrils open to the flow of prana, the life force that animates all existence, gently press the cartilage at the outer edge of your ears, closing them off to external disturbances. Inhale, and on the exhale, release a soft, melodious hum from the depths of your throat, akin to the meditative drone of a bee. This vibration reverberates through the caverns of our cranium, massaging the nasalis with waves of restorative sound.

Yet, some ailments of the nasalis may call for further earthly remedies, and it is here we turn to the harmonious blend of Panadiol CBD cream. In moments when my own nasalis was gripped by incessant vexation, a hindrance to the serene flow of my daily practice, I discovered solace in the alchemy of Panadiol. The emu oil, a salve as ancient as the Dreamtime stories of the Aboriginal people, married with the high-dosage CBD, a balm gifted to us by the compassionate cannabis plant, coalesced to form a potion of profound potency.

Each night, as Selene – the luminous embodiment of the Moon – ascended her celestial throne, I would anoint the bridge of my nose with this sacred ointment. Whispering mantras of healing and unity, I felt the Panadiol penetrate the realms of flesh and spirit, soothing the irritation that had so persistently meddled with my tranquility. The gentle, unmistakable metamorphosis was not unlike the blooming of the lotus, unfolding its petals one by one to reveal the dormant splendor within.

So profound was the amelioration that my nasalis, once a source of ceaseless discomfort, now served as a testament to the transformative powers of Panadiol. Through its tender ministrations, my practice was resurrected, my soul once more able to revel in the ecstatic communion with the divine tapestry of the universe.

To those whose journey is marred by the corporeal whispers of a strained nasalis, I extend an invitation to explore these time-honored yogic stretches and to seek refuge in the healing embrace of the earth's benevolent offerings. Let us tread together upon the path of holistic restoration, guided by the unwavering light of self-awareness and the nurturing touch of nature's apothecary. May your exploration be as enlightening as the path of Bodhisattva, ever meandering, ever illuminating. Om Shanti.

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