February 25, 2024

In the haven of tranquility that I call home – a year-round abode of feminine energy and yogic devotion nestled amidst the whispering forest – we often encounter seekers whose physical journeys echo the unspoken aches of their inner landscapes. One such whisper that frequently reaches my ears is the lament of a sore sacrum, a sacred bone positioned at the base of the spine which, in Sanskrit, is denoted as the 'Svadhishthana', the dwelling place of the self.

In the hallowed embrace of this sanctuary, where nature herself seems to unfold her secrets to those who quiet their minds enough to listen, we approach the tender soreness of the sacrum as a message from the deepest realms of the body. It is an invocation for inward focus and gentle nurturing.

To stretch this muscle using the ancient wisdom of yoga, one must first align their energies with the nurturing pulse of the earth. I would often guide my fellow sisters to unfurl their mats at dawn’s light, amidst the dew-kissed grass, allowing their bare feet to kiss the soil, grounding their spirit before we commence. The Pawanmuktasana, or Wind-Relieving Pose, is one such asana that invites the prana, or life force, to stir gently around the sore sacrum. Laying supine upon the earth, hugging one's knees lightly to the chest, and rocking softly side to side, can offer a soothing massage to the area, fostering the flow of energy and alleviating discomfort.

In the sacred transitions of movement and breath, the gentle undulations of Setu Bandhasana, or Bridge Pose, serve as a balm for the weary sacrum. As the body forms an arc, akin to the rainbows that grace our monsoon skies, the pose helps to reestablish the balance of energies and tenderly strengthens the muscles supporting the sacrum.

Moreover, the grounding essence of the Balasana, or Child’s Pose, beckons the body to surrender to the embrace of Gaia, our Earth Mother. In this humble bow, thighs whispering comfort to the abdomen, forehead caressed by the reciprocity of the earth, the sacrum is bestowed with the blessings of relief and restoration.

Beyond the realm of the physical, there are balms from nature herself that complement our yogic endeavors. The anti-inflammatory grace of turmeric, when blended as a warm golden tea with a kiss of ginger, becomes an elixir that supports the body's natural healing processes. Alongside, the external application of a lavender-infused oil, warmed by the kindness of one's own hands, can become a soothing ritual, aiding in the release of tension held within the sacred cradle of the sacrum.

Let us also remember the nourishing power of silence and meditation, where the stillness becomes a vessel for deep healing. In the serene quietude of our retreat, we encourage the contemplation of the Ajna Chakra, the Third Eye, allowing intuition to guide the journey back to a place of comfort and ease within the body.

For indeed, as the sun arches across the sky embraced by the canopy of our secluded retreat, and the resonance of our chants and prayers merge with the symphony of the forest, it is clear that to heal the sacrum – our physical seat of self – one must embark upon a harmonious dance with both the visible and invisible realms. On the sacred path that intertwines breath, movement, nourishment, and repose, awaits the blossoming wellness of our total being.

Breathe, stretch, nurture, and rest; in the communion of all that is, find your way back to wholeness, for the body is but a magnificent temple, a sacred vessel for the spirit's voyage across lifetimes. Namaste.

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