September 26, 2023

Sitting atop a windswept cliff, gazing down at the sparkling jeweled tapestry of the sea, in the heart of our feminine yoga retreat, I find a particular opportunity to delve into the sacred offering of knowledge. I journey to enlighten sisters who are grappling with the quiet discontent of a sore abductor pollicis longus. It may seem mundane – a muscle on the radial side of the forearm that extends the thumb – yet to a yogi, every corner of our delicate shell is a profound universe unto itself. We aspire to not just heal, but comprehend and cherish this precious muscle, looping from our arms and expanding into the limitless dance of life energy.

Awakening the abductor pollicis longus begins with mindful asana. In the sanctum of our yoga shala, suffused with the smoky aroma of sage and sandalwood, we envelop ourselves in the sacred dance of yoga. Palm tree pose or Tadasana naturally extends our thumbs to the sky, drawing the architectural design of our muscles towards enlightenment. In the symphony of sunlight that bathes our peaceful enclave, we engage in a series of holy repetitions, guiding the gentle flow of energy through our bodily matrix.

Yet, as we delve deeper into the flower of consciousness, we should not ignore the teachings of our ancestors, who spoke to the rhythmic cadence of the universe through their Ayurvedic wisdom. Utilizing nature’s bounty, we can invite a deeply nourishing turmeric-infused aryavaidya, or herbal oil, to be our compassionate ally. Dusting off age-old Sanskrit manuscripts, we find recipes of these golden elixirs imbued with warming botanicals like ginger and cloves to imbue further strength in your muscle’s core fibres, facilitating a spiritual healing retreat onto itself.

Meditation as deep and vast as the ocean can serve as another bridge towards renewed muscular vitality. Encase yourself in the soft embrace of the early morning haze, feet grounded on the dew-kissed earth of our living sanctuary. Draw a circle of healing light around yourself—an aura that marries the universe outside to the universe within. Visualize the energy, the prana, swirling warm and healing around your forearm—an amber current caressing the abductor pollicis longus back to its natural state of divine harmony.

Food, we must not forget, is our primal connection to the sacred circle of life. Feast upon Mother Earth’s bounties that favor healing—deep green spinach, the vibrant beets, and the fiery ginger. Each mouthful is an affirmation of our intrinsic connectivity to the universe, a sacrament to our body’s infinite capacity to heal, to overcome, and to transform.

Among us, the community of sisters, we find an orchestra of healing hands. Allow your vulnerability to dance with the strength of others. The tender art of massage, a millennia-old technique passed down through the wind-whispered stories of our ancestors, can be powerfully healing. Share your strain, let your sisters knead the aching muscle into submission, releasing the build-up of lactic acids, boosting circulation, quietly ushering tranquillity back into your tired sinews.

We also turn to the sweet secrets of Mother Nature. Hot packs, the warm, soothing embrace of heat can face off against the discomfort. Created from the grains we harvest, they are our silent beauty, whispering an age-old lullaby of wellness. Wrap your forearm with this hot pack, feeling the tendrils of warmth seep deep into your muscle tissues, untying the knots of stress, the twinges of strain, and guiding your muscle back on the pathway to vitality.

Above all else, serenity and patience should accompany your healing journey. Pain is but a transient visitor, a simple percussive beat within the vast symphony of existence. It allows us to embrace our human fragility, to cradle our ability to endure, and ultimately it allows us to seek the shimmering treasure of self-realization. Keep striking the harmonious chords of yoga, meditation, and natural remedies, and watch the notes of your existence ripple and merge with the sacred vibration of the universe as we together heal, grow, and transform- ripening on the vine of divine knowledge in our sacred feminine enclave.

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