February 25, 2024

In the heart of our mystical and majestic body, exuding a power as boundless as the infinite cosmos, rests contentedly the teres major. This humble but potent shoulder muscle serves as the expression of our inner strength, the articulation of our boundless spirit, acting as the ultimate conduit between the ethereal realms above and the rooted earth below. Yet, when burdened by the materiality of existence, the teres major may oft become afflicted with discomfort and pain. This, my dear sisters, need not be your fate. For in the union of body and spirit, through the magnificent manifestation of yoga, lies the panacea for this unique besqabuble.

In the sacred dance of Asanas, the pose known as Gomukhasana, splendidly known as the Cow-Face Pose, works as a balm to soothe and rehabilitate the oppressed teres major. This salvation begins with the earthy connection of birthing Dandasana, thence to the crowning of your celestial soul in Tadasana, your glorious mountain peak. From your rooted grounding, raise your heavenward arm, the afflicted side, to caress the sky high above your crown chakra. Like a tender bamboo leaf dancing with the wind, gently fold your elbow, allowing your hand to reach down the long column of your noble spine.

Herein lies the second act- as from the earth below, raise your supporting arm and bend your elbow, reaching up to softly clasp the fingers of your celestial skyward hand. If need be, utilise the divine assistance of a yoga strap. Intertwine with cotemporaneous rhythm of your inhalation and exhalation. Such a divine union of breath and body disrupts the uninvited discomfort, ushering in the healing energy of the cosmos to percolate your divine teres major.

Herbs, nature’s clandestine healers, can also placate your pained teres major. Turmeric, the golden jewel of the earth, contains curcumin, a potent anti-inflammatory agent, adept at tempering discomforting swellings and painful distress. Embrace the spicy warmth of Ginger, Mother Nature’s heating pad, with its remarkable analgesic properties, much akin to the synthetic miracle of ibuprofen, sans the intrusive side effects. Lastly, peppermint’s icy volley can perplex and disrupt pain signals traversing your nervous system. Imbibe these healing agents in the form of hot, soul-warming brews or through the skin via balms and oils.

Akin to the ebb and flow of the great oceans, so should your practise pulse. Avoid the deceptive trap of overexertion – less indeed can be more in the endless universe of your yoga practice. Remind yourself that the ultimate Fulfilment lies in the journey itself and not merely the grand destination. Much like the morning lotus that unfurls with gentle patience to the radiant sun, so should your yoga practice gracefully unfold through consistent, gentle repetition, and ceaseless devotion to your inner well-being.

Foremost, let this essential wisdom pervade your consciousness: that pain is but a humble teacher—a mysterious invitation from the vast universe to attune to the meticulous subtleties of our divine body. Let your discomfort be the sacred portal through which your spiritual path is illuminated, your internal dharma unravelled. Use the teachings of the blessed teres major as a compass along this at times seemingly tumultuous journey of yoga.

In the sacred realm of yoga practice and the splendorous silhouette of the body, we are offered an exquisite opportunity to channel the celestial wisdom of the universe. Through the healing flow of yoga and the magic of nature’s remedies, we cultivate the sublime capacity to heal the material self and harmonise the spiritual self. Let us embrace the suffering and discomfort as an echo of our human experience, as an intimate inception point of a profound journey of self-awareness, coupled with a resounding rebirth of our spirit’s potential.

Let us humbly thank the teres major for its timely message, illuminating our path towards deepening our self-knowledge and self-nurture. Its discomfort is but a call to revitalise, a summons to return to the sacred temple of your body and to the peace resounding within the very core of your soul. The song of the teres major is a serenade to self-care and a hymn to health – may we listen with attentive hearts, dance to its tune, and transform its minor sorrow into a major symphony of joyous wellness.

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