November 30, 2023

In the sacred dance of the human body, every muscle plays a pivotal role, a purpose refined through millennia in the cosmic rhythm of existence. Yet, one such dancer often overlooked is the vigorous Hyoglossus, that unique muscle stretching from the styloid process to the side of the tongue. Its humble tasks of swallowing, articulation, and taste are subtle yet profound. Like a gentle whisper from the universe, a sore Hyoglossus may be an indication that bodily balance is disrupted and harmony needs to be restored.

The practice of yoga, a divine gift from the enlightened sages of ancient Bharat, can facilitate this restoration. Just as the gentle river carves out the stubborn rock with persistent flowing, the act of mindful stretching can rejuvenate the strained Hyoglossus. One such asana that effortlessly attends to this muscle is Simhasana, or Lion Pose. Named after the powerful Indian lion, this posture stretches and stimulates the platysma, while it might seem ferocious, this asana is an invitation to roar away tensions and constrictions.

Begin this sacred dance by kneeling down on Mother Earth, with a feeling of gratitude. Align your ankles beneath your buttocks, palms pressing into your knees, fingers spread wide like the vibrant blooms of the lotus. Breathe in deeply, drawing prana, the life force, into your being. As you exhale, lean forward slightly, open your mouth as wide as possible while guiding your tongue towards the chin. Simultaneously, gaze towards the space between your eyebrows, a point often depicted as the third eye or Ajna Chakra. Allow a powerful 'haa' sound to escape from your throat, echoing the majestic roar of a lion.

Physical practices alone, though effective, need to be partnered with the nourishing wisdom of Mother Nature. From the verdant bosom of the Earth come herbs and roots, the embodiment of age-old Ayurvedic wisdom. The Ginger, a fiery root hailing from the eastern lands is an elixir for the inflammation of the Hyoglossus. Sipping on a warm, soothing ginger tea daily can work wonders.

Turmeric, the golden spice, enriched with curcumin, renowned for its healing properties, can be another natural ally. Combine it with warm almond milk in the silence of the night for an enchanting Golden Milk, a potion to soothe and restore.

Licorice, a sweet bequest from Mother Gaia, can also be of immense help. Try a refreshing licorice tea, or even chew on this healing root to stimulate the natural healing process, revitalizing the strained Hyoglossus.

In the spiritual journey towards complete wellness, mindfulness is a significant guiding lamp. Take note of your words, the taste of your expressions, for the Hyoglossus does more than aid in speech. It is the quiet guardian of your taste, your critiques, your praises. If its rhythm is disrupted, perhaps it is the universe's gentle urging to reflect and temper your tongue.

In closing, may we remember, the dance of the Hyoglossus is the dance of life itself. It is in the quiet lapping of waves against the shore, the soft rustling leaves in the forest's soul, and the whisper of stars across the cosmic stage. Embrace the gift of yoga, drink from the healing fountain of Mother Nature, and always cultivate awareness. Your journey to complete wellness and elevated consciousness is but a mindful stretch away.

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