November 30, 2023

In the embrace of the eternal forest, where the whispers of ancient wisdom rustle through the leaves and the breath of the universe dances in rhythm with all living beings, there exists a sanctum of serenity—a year-round yoga retreat dedicated to the flourishing of the divine feminine essence. Here, I dwell in harmonious communion with nature, merging the age-old practices of yoga with the healing touch of Mother Earth to tend to the temples of our souls: our bodies.

Within the sacred geometry of the body lies a muscle that is often neglected yet holds the key to unlocking the grace of movement—this is the obturator internus. The muscle is a hidden gem, a spiritual guidepost nestled deep within the pelvis, responsible for the lateral rotation of your grounded being, stabilizing your sacred vessel as you navigate the ebbs and flows of life's river.

When this whispered guardian of stability and movement becomes weary and cries out in pain, it is a reverberating signal that balance must be restored. As a yogi, one listens to this plea with the ears of the heart, seeking to soothe and harmonize through the ancient art of asanas—sacred yoga postures.

To stretch and pacify the obturator internus, one begins in the nurturing womb of tranquility—Baddha Konasana, or the Bound Angle Pose. Sit upon the Earth with the soles of your feet kissing each other, like lotus petals in divine union. Gently draw your heels closer to your center, honoring the natural limits of your sacred anatomy. Allow the knees to drop to the sides, like the gentle wings of a butterfly preparing to take flight. Inhaling deeply, elongate your spine, growing tall towards the heavens. As you exhale, hinge forward from the hips, bowing to the inner wisdom that resides within. This gesture of surrender allows the obturator internus to stretch and release, like a flower slowly unfurling at the first light of dawn.

Another asana that caresses this deep muscle in melody is the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, the Pigeon Pose. It is a pose that mirrors the dichotomy of groundedness and ascension. As you extend one leg behind you, imagine it being an anchor that tethers you to the nurturing bosom of Gaia. The opposite knee bends, with your foot tucked gracefully near your groin, resembling the royal pigeon in its poised stillness. Such an alignment beckons forth the obturator internus, like a shy forest creature enticed into the sunlit clearing.

As the stretch unfurls within the secret chambers of the pelvis, it is vital to thread the breath—Pranayama—through each fiber of the muscle. Visualize your inhalation as a golden thread woven with healing light, and your exhalation as the release of all disharmony and tension. The breath becomes a loom upon which the tapestry of healing is crafted.

Beyond the physical, other natural remedies can assist in nurturing the obturator internus back to health. Warming poultices made from the earth's herbs—ginger, turmeric, and arnica—can be placed upon the area to invite the healing spirit of heat and reduce inflammation. Mother Earth's apothecary provides internal remedies as well; the treasure of omega-3 found in flaxseeds and the ancient anti-inflammatory powers of the golden turmeric root imbibe one's vessel with the essence of wellness.

Imbued with the healing sounds from Tibetan singing bowls—each vibration a call to awaken the body's capacity for self-healing—one must allow the energy of sound to bathe the obturator internus in waves of healing resonance, much like the sacred Ganges River cleanses the spiritual aspirant.

One must not forget the role of the mind in this ballet of recuperation. Meditation—Dhyana—allows the focus of one's thoughts to converge on healing intentions, channeling the chi, the prana—the life force—to the core of the discomfort, transforming pain into lessons of growth and thus elevating the spirit above the corporeal plane.

In the cosmic dance of existence, the obturator internus is but a singular note in the symphony of our bodily temple. Yet by attending to even the most subtle harmonies within us, we become attuned to the greater melody of life's endless cycle. In the sacred embrace of this yoga retreat, amongst my sisters of spirit and seeking, we find the rhythm of healing, and infinitely, beneath the boundless sky, we dance.

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