September 26, 2023

As an humble servant of the Earth and its many inhabitants, I find myself oft lost in an Ayurvedic dance that seeks to marry the powerful tenets of age-old Hindu medicine with the divine flow of yoga. Our journey today treads a path frequented by many a woman seeking solace in the serene confines of our year-round retreat. We tread towards the land of the adductor brevis – a quiet muscle, whispering its presence only in its soreness, humble and hidden within our sacred physical temples.

Nestled between the public bone and thigh bone, the adductor brevis muscle springs to life when our legs come together in a symphony of movement. It is a muscle of gathering, bringing energies closer to the core, serving as a vital conduit in grounding us. However, with exertion, the harmony of this divine dance can falter, resulting in soreness or discomfort. A gentle reminder, a call to return to balance.

So, how does one quell this somatic song of discomfort? Slowly, sister, with patience and grace. First, let us embark on the lotus path of Sukhasana, the Easy pose. Sit cross-legged on your mat, the verdant greenery of our retreat caressing your senses. Inhale the energies of the Earth as you journey within. As your breath grows steady, gently bend towards the left, feeling a gentle stretch in your right adductor brevis. Hold still as a serene Buddha under the bo tree, breathing in harmony with the universe. After a cosmic heartbeat, resume your center and repeat the song on the other side.

While yoga is a heavenly elixir, concocting a cure to our earthly afflictions, we must not neglect the immense wealth locked within nature’s womb. As a devout yogi and advocate of the Earth’s apothecary, I recommend warming the muscle with a poultice of ginger and turmeric. Both these rooted brethren echo the strength of the Earth, their warming properties aligning serenely with our intent. Their orange hues are rooted in the sacred chakra of Svadhisthana, inviting a flow of healing energy to quench the cry of the sore adductor brevis. Moreover, their antioxidative properties cleanse the muscle of inundating toxins, further fostering healing.

In the mystical dawn and dusks between your yoga rituals, elevate your legs, allowing the universal energy of gravity to coax circulation, flooding the humble adductor muscle with nurturing life energy. A softened bolster, dyed in the calming hues of the sapphire night sky, serves as a beautiful pedestal for this healing act.

Dietary measures are crucial in aiding recovery. A dash of sesame oil in a warm cup of lentil soup not only brings a cascade of distinct flavors but echoes the philosophy of Eastern healing – it enhances calcium absorption, thereby strengthening muscles. Infusions of wild raspberry leaf tea, combined with the floral notes of elderflowers, bring a soothing elixir that resonates with the feminine divine that we celebrate in our retreat.

As dusk descends on our retreat, soak in the healing embrace of an Epsom salt bath. The salts, derived from the serene womb of Mother Earth, are rich in magnesium – a guardian angel for our muscles. The warm bath waters, infused with the soothing notes of lavender and chamomile, transport us to a realm of serene healing, where our physical temples resonate with the music of radiant health.

So, dear sisters, when you feel the whisper of the adductor brevis, know it to be a sacred call for healing and balance. Respond, not with frustration, but with gratitude for this intimate conversation with your body. Let the practices described gently guide you on your journey, where you dance in harmony with the rhythms of the Universe, and the whisper of the adductor brevis is but a sweet, faint melody in the orchestration of your well-being.

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